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Best Running Friend Week Ahead! Ready to Celebrate?

best running friend week #BRFweek
photographs by Julie Dukowitz


We usually don't barge into your mailbox on a Sunday morning, but we couldn't resist this morning; we want you to get psyched up for our first Best Running Friend Week—or #BRFweek, in social media speak—which starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday, the 26th.

Running friendships, we've experienced again and again, are unlike any other friendships going. There's something both intangible and surprisingly intimate about running with a friend by your side; the collective rhythm of your feet create a space where deep connection naturally flourishes.

Sometimes silence reigns, sometimes you chat about the tortellini you're making for dinner, sometimes the conversations are profound. "Running is conducive to frank, sometimes soul-baring conversations in the same way road trips are," says the wise book Run Like a Mother, "When you keep your eyes on the road, you can speak from your heart."

It doesn't matter if they're speedy or not-so-much, inspired or not-so-much, regular or not-so-much; miles with a BRF leave an impression on your soul.

How are we going to celebrate these very special BRFs this very special week?
So glad you asked.



Just an example of what's coming up on Facebook this #BRFweek, so be sure to like our page!
Just an example of what's coming up on Facebook this #BRFweek, so be sure to like our page!


In addition to a daily dose of You Might Be a BRF if.... photos starring a group of real life BRFs based in the Twin Cities, we will have daily giveaways, including products from our partners at Smith Optics, Tough Girl Tutus, Ultimate Direction, and TriggerPoint Therapy. Naturally, the giveaways are in pairs: one for you, one for your BRF. Entries and rules will be shared with each giveaway.


My best running friend is...Speaking of Facebook, we'd love it if you spread the #BRFweek word by downloading this image, customizing it with your BRF specifics and changing your profile picture for the week.



mother runner shirt deal

We know two is better than one, especially when it comes to BRFs--and T-shirts. During #BRFweek, when you buy one regularly priced, short-sleeve lifestyle tee from the Mother Runner Store, you'll get a second one for only $10. (Can you say one for you, one for your BRF?) You don't need to pick the same style, but feel free to be matchy-matchy if you want!

Use code BRF10 at checkout. Code expires Sept. 26 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.



Sarah and her BRF Molly are hosting two Aussie BRFs (best running mates?) for this Saturday's podcast, and we'd love to add include a variety of tributes BRFs. If you'd like to give a shout-out to your BRF, create a voice memo on your smartphone, then email it to us at [email protected]



A mother/daughter BRF team.
A mother/daughter BRF team.

We're going to be sharing pics that you shared with us (so much sharing!) on our Facebook page and Instagram account all week long, and otherwise getting as many social media miles as we can during #BRFweek.

We need your help—and yes, we're going to dangle a (#findyourstrong) carrot. We've got two Saucony gift cards (say it with us: one for you, one for your BRF) that will fetch one item of your choice from sweet Saucony: kicks (running or retro), a new fall jacket, or our favorite bullet capris.

Use the #BRFweek hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook in order to win the Saucony giftcards; we'll announce a random winner on Sunday, September 27.


got your back BEST ONE FRAME

We are going to run five (fun, touching) tributes to BRFs over the next five days. (Spoiler alert: one BRF is a dog, and another is a son who just traveled over 3,100 miles across the country, pushed by his #fatherrunner dad we recently featured on an AMR podcast.)

Oh, we should probably address the question: What if I don't have a BRF?

Although our image of BRFs is two or more women running together, we actually define BRF pretty loosely. A BRF can be a dog; a friend across the country who keeps you accountable for the miles; a kid who eats Cheerios as he prompts you to "Go faster, Mama!"; somebody whose spirit you honor when you run; Sara Bareilles, Beyonce, or the Back Street Boys (hey, whatever gets you moving!); or even your shadow.

All the contests and fun stuff are open to any interpretations of BRF, so don't limit yourself even if you're a solo runner.

See you—and your BRF—tomorrow!
xo--Dimity + Sarah

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