In this very special episode of Many Happy Miles, the hosts pull the curtain back a bit on their own lives and bring on their moms to share about raising daughters—particularly daughters who ventured into athletics and continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle well into adulthood. The conversations cover a gamut of topics, including:

  • How Dimity’s mom’s active lifestyle inspired her own daughters to pursue their athletic goals;
  • How Sarah’s mom gently encouraged her daughters to seek excellence without adding outside pressure;
  • How Title IV changed the landscape for women’s sports (and what life was like for them before it);
  • And their best advice for raising active kids.

Listen all the way through for a special bonus segment featuring Another Mother Runner co-founder Sarah Bowen Shea pops on to share stories about her late mom, Margaret, including how she played a pivotal role in raising Sarah to be the fierce, strong woman she is today.

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