We hope you listen to all three (yes, 3!) of our podcasts. Whether you’re a loyal, longtime listener or you found us more recently, we figured an intro to the various hosts might be helpful. A quick primer on the shows, first: 

Our flagship podcast—Another Mother Runner—kicked off in the summer of 2011. Then-hosts Sarah Bowen Shea (a.k.a. “SBS”) and Dimity McDowell drew on their years of interviewing folks as former magazine writers, talking to a wide variety of runners and experts in the fitness world. 

Seven years after Another Mother Runner started airing every Friday, AMR Answers debuted every other Tuesday. In this show, hosts SBS and Dimity answer listeners’ called-in questions. To fill the every-other-Tuesday void, Dimity originally hosted a show called AMR Trains that, in January 2023, morphed into Many Happy Miles, a show that highlights folks doing all sorts of forward motion. 

Somewhere along the way, SBS introduced a rotating coterie of co-hosts for Friday show. Here’s a look at the people behind all the voices on our shows!

Amanda Loudin

Co-host of Another Mother Runner

Athletic background: I’ve been running for 25 years with a dash of swimming and cycling thrown in. But in the past few years, strength training is taking an ever bigger piece of my athletic repertoire. 

Offspring: 1 grown + 1 in college

2024 athletic goal: A week that includes a 40-mile gravel bike race, followed by four days of backpacking in the White Mountains a few days later. 

I enjoy hosting because…of the wide variety of interesting guests we host. I learn something every time! 

Favorite guest: NPR host and author Mary Louise Kelly

Britany Williams

Co-host of Another Mother Runner

Athletic background: I ran competitively in college and haven’t stopped running since. I dabbled in barre and strength training in my 20s and officially became a certified barre instructor, personal trainer, and run coach over the last six years. [Pssst: Britany is a Sweat trainer.]

Offspring: 10-month-old daughter

2024 athletic goal: To run more—and do at least one race of some kind. (I haven’t raced in 10 years despite running often!)

When I’m not exercising, I’m most likely…writing workouts for other people or playing with my baby. 

I enjoy hosting because…the giggles and the insights. I always leave a recording with a smile.

Favorite episode: The one in which I admitted I had butthole chafing still makes me laugh to this day!

Dimity McDowell

Host of Many Happy Miles + co-host of AMR Answers

Athletic background: I ran for three decades (1990-2020), did some triathlons in that timespan as well, and will continue to cycle and hike outside as much as I can for all the upcoming decades. 

Offspring: 1 in college, 1 in high school

2024 athletic goal: To maintain or gain strength, increase mobility, and decrease pain. 

When I’m not exercising, I’m most likely…talking to my dogs, reading, or clearing off the kitchen counter (again!). 

I enjoy hosting because…I love catching up with both Sarah hosts, then chatting with the guests. I am especially fond of talking to women who aren’t ‘typical’ podcast guests: everyday runners and athletes whose perspective is always refreshing and engaging. 

Favorite episode: The Final Finish Line series was especially meaningful for me.

Ellison Weist

Co-host of Another Mother Runner

Athletic background: I’ve been a runner since 1975. These days, I’m doing more walking. 

Offspring: 1 grown daughter

2024 athletic goal: To complete a 5K

When I’m not exercising, I’m most likely…reading. 

I enjoy hosting because…I enjoy talking to interesting folks, including SBS!

Favorite episode: any of the Reading eps

Liz Waterstraat (front row, pink visor)

Co-host of Another Mother Runner + Miles of Books

Athletic background: I’ve been a runner since high school and got into triathlons after college. [Editor’s note: Liz is too humble, so we’ll brag on her, instead. She’s competed in hundreds of triathlons, often with a podium finish!]

Offspring: 3 school-age kids

When I’m not exercising, I’m most likely…managing my coaching business, cleaning my house, doing laundry, or reading non-fiction books. 

I enjoy hosting because…I get to converse with guests on diverse topics. 

Favorite guest: Dr. Michael Gervais talking about finding curiosity and purpose in running

Molly Williams

Co-host of Another Mother Runner

Athletic background: SBS got me running at 41, (I’m now 56); I wasn’t an athlete before. Sarah also got me into open-water swimming, which I hated at first, and now I love. I’m working back to full strength after knee arthritis and replacement. My “non-bionic” knee is a little cranky about running, so I’m working with a physical therapist to see if I can return to running. 

Offspring: 3 grown daughters 

2024 athletic goal: I would like to do a couple of 5-7 day backpacking trips this summer.  

When I’m not exercising, I’m most likely…working [as a veterinarian], sewing, and reading.

I enjoy hosting because…I get to see Sarah and enjoy her wonderful spirit; the guests who are always so gracious, inspiring and interesting; and the fantastic community.

Favorite guest: Dr. Stacy Sims talking about supplements

Sarah Bowen Shea

Host of Another Mother Runner + co-host of AMR Answers

Athletic background: I was a bookish, non-athletic kid. I started running to crosstrain when I discovered rowing in college. My top three favorite sporty pursuits are running, open-water swimming, and pickleball. (The order changes on a daily basis!) 

Offspring: 3 college-age kids

2024 athletic goal: I’m contemplating a half-marathon. It’s been too long since I’ve done an endurance event, first because of the pandemic, then a year off from running due to bulging disks.  

When I’m not exercising, I’m most likely…working; cooking and baking; and watching streaming shows with my hubs. (No, that’s not a euphemism!)

I enjoy hosting because…I love having lively conversations with a variety of folks (including my co-hosts) and seeing where they lead, especially when we veer off an unexpected tangent. For me, it’s the verbal equivalent of a run in a new city! 

Favorite guest: Two-time guest Melissa Clark as she lands smack-dab in the center of my running/cooking Venn diagram.

Sarah Wassner Flynn

Co-host of Many Happy Miles

Athletic background: As the youngest of four girls, I followed my sisters into competitive swimming. I also had uneventful stints as a softball and basketball player. I gave up serious swimming for running, eventually going on to run in college. I haven’t really stopped since, and have been both very competitive and not-so-competitive through the years. After having three kids, I took up triathlon, and enjoyed competing at a high level for a few years before baby #4 and the pandemic forced a detour upon me. Most recently, I’ve been bitten by the marathon bug and will race my first Boston Marathon in April! 

Offspring: 4 kids, spanning 15 to 4 years of age

2024 athletic goal: To cross the finish line in Boston feeling happy and strong! 

When I’m not exercising, I’m most likely…at the track coaching my awesome high school athletes. (I’m also a coach!)

I enjoy hosting because…I get to hear fascinating stories from our guests and to interact with Dimity.

Favorite guests: When Dimity and I hosted our moms to talk about raising strong daughters

Tish Hamilton

Co-host of Another Mother Runner

Athletic background: As a kid of the 1970s, I danced (ballet, jazz, modern). After college, no longer able to afford dance classes, I started running and completed my first marathon in 1989. [Editor’s note: Another modest host, Tish has completed 50+ marathons.]

Offspring: 1 college-age daughter

2024 athletic goal: Running the debut Every Woman’s Marathon in Savannah (where I live).

When I’m not exercising, I’m most likely…planning classes and grading, during the school year. [The longtime executive editor at Runner’s World, Tish is now a college professor.]

I enjoy hosting because…I love talking about running with anyone and everyone! 

Favorite guest: Slow AF Run Club founder Martinus Evans