Anyone looking for motivation or greater fulfilment in running (or life) needs to listen to this episode with Dr. Michael Gervais, author of the upcoming book The First Rule of Mastery and host of the popular Finding Mastery Podcast. With hosts Sarah and Coach Liz, find out:

-what FOPO is, and how we can use it to our advantage;
-how to shift from a performance-based identity to a purpose-based one;
-how + why to find your personal values;
-how to stop playing life on someone else’s terms; and,

-how Taylor Swift comes up in the conversation.

Before the guest joins around 11:50, Liz shares about her recent 70.3 triathlon and Sarah tells how she “found” concert tickets on a run. Listen to the end of the show to hear Coach Liz talk about two anecdote-rich books in the bonus segment Miles of Books.

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