Mother Runners of the Month: Linda Collins + Amy Rans

Each month, we celebrate two athletes monthly in our #motherrunnner community.
[because sports awards aren’t just for youth soccer]

One athlete participates in our Many Happy Miles program and the other one is in a Train Like a Mother Club program: nothing like vicariously living through workout specifics, training cycles, and upcoming (virtual) races, right?

More importantly, they both epitomize the traits that keep us all moving forward: perspective, diligence, badassery, flexibility, and grit.


Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Kids: Three daughters – twins Emma & Sarah (age 19) and Amelia (age 16). Two cats – Miriam & Gunnar. 

What's your running story?
My niece, Laurel Short, current BAMRbassador, encouraged me to start running in 2011 at age 41! I did a version of couch to 5K and my first race was the Chicago Hot Chocolate 15K. Shortly after that I did the Lincoln half-marathon. Currently I am trying to do a half marathon in all 50 states. So far, I’ve done 19 halfs in 11 states.

Why did you join Many Happy Miles?
I truly just cannot get enough of this #BAMR community. I wanted to be more involved and loved the swag!

Best workout in Many Happy Miles so far:
I’ve really loved April's morning strength workouts with Dimity & yoga with Brenda. I usually go to Orangetheory, Pilates reformer classes, and a local yoga studio for cross training, so I needed something to supplement my running while all my local classes were cancelled. Many Happy Miles delivers what I need.

Hardest workout in Many Happy Miles so far:
I’ve struggled with April's heart rate training month as one of my 19 year old twins has been doing all my runs with me. She’s home from college because of Covid-19. However, it piqued my interest so I'll come back and experiment with the Heart + Sole (heart rate-based) plans when I start running solo again in the fall.

Upcoming races?
I ran the Lincoln, NE half-marathon with my daughter (virtually as it was cancelled) the first weekend of May. My next out-of-state not-virtual half marathon is planned for the AMR fall retreat in Portland, OR (although race in Washington state).

When I run, I feel: I’m gonna die for the first mile usually, but then my body gives in and cooperates. 😉  BUT, I’ve never regretted a run after it was over!


Amy Rans, Heart + Sole: Half-Marathon, Level 1

Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Kids: Braxton (6) and Grayson (4)

What’s your running story?
I started running May 2018, after deciding I needed to make a healthy lifestyle change. I started out wanting to complete a 5K, so I did the Couch to 5K program. During that time I met a couple local #BAMRs who fostered my enthusiasm for running as a lifestyle and tackling longer distances. I managed to also run a 10K that year two days "before the snow flew."

After that my BRFs had me hooked and I signed up for the TLAM Traditional Half Marathon plan to prepare for my first half, the 2019 Sioux Falls Skedaddle. I enjoyed my first half so much I signed up for more! I have now run three more halfs using using the Heart + Sole Heart Rate training plans.

The biggest highlight of my running adventure thus far has been running the Lost Dutchman Half-Marathon in Apache Junction, AZ. It took place about 6 weeks into my latest training cycle. I had a vacation planned in Arizona and thought, why not find a race?!

Coaches Liz and Jen gave me the thumbs up to register and use it as a long run. The expected temperatures were in the 40's and our South Dakota winter had been cold, so I was going from 0 degrees to 40 and not fully trained for the event.

The training plan called for 2 hour 30 minute long run and I wasn't planning to "race" it, rather to practice fueling and pacing. My goal – to have fun!

I ended up running a very successful race. My fueling and pacing were spot on. I was injury free, the weather was perfect, scenery was gorgeous and I got a PR! 

Why did you join the Heart + Sole Half-Marathon Level 1 plan?
I chose the Heart + Sole training plan because I wanted to teach myself to take the easy runs easy and build my aerobic base. I wanted to feel like I wasn't "working so hard." Running is hard work, but I'm glad I've learned how to truly keep it easy.

Best workout in Heart + Sole Half-Marathon Level 1 so far:
I love the drill runs. Nothing gets my adrenaline running like being on a bike trail and doing push ups or squats. I love to see other people's faces! I love the mix of running and quick drills.

Most challenging workout in Heart + Sole Half-Marathon Level 1 so far:
Progressive runs. It feels so much harder to stick to the higher zones on long runs when you've focused so long on staying in lower zones. It also feels harder because you know how long you need to stay in that top zone.

Goal Race:
I just finished my training for the [virtual] Sioux Falls Skedaddle.

Race Goal:
At this point, my goal is to have a fun day, remain injury-free, and finish all 13.1 miles. With the Covid-19 pandemic, my training has been derailed a bit. I'm so proud of my race in Arizona earlier this year that for this race, fun and finishing are my priorities.

When I run, I feel: free.

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