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Why Many Happy Miles?

On our first book tour for Run Like a Mother, we—Dimity + Sarah of Another Mother Runner—struggled with what to write when we signed a book. Just our names felt too impersonal, as did the reader’s name plus our names. Good luck sounded like it left too much up to chance, while keep at it felt too pushy. Aim high or reach your goals? Too much like a motivational poster you’d find in a cubicle.

Standing behind an expo table one day as I—Dimity— cracked another spine of a book to sign, I recalled a conversation with a #motherrunner, who had just finished her first half-marathon on a hilly, challenging course.

I asked her if she would train for another. Yes, she answered, “Running just makes me happy.”

By happy, of course, she didn’t mean an ear-to-ear grin on her face during—and after—her miles. She meant her whole self was more balanced, patient, strong, motivated, confident, and forgiving (both with herself and with others) after she laced up and headed out.

We signed her book many happy miles, and that phrase is likely the second most common one around Another Mother Runner. (Bad*ss mother runner is definitely in the lead.) We still sign our books with it; we use it to sign off on our weekly podcast; and we continually use it to focus our perspective, both professionally and personally.

Now we are thrilled to have you join the Many Happy Miles program at Another Mother Runner. All of the elements are designed with one goal in mind: to help you feel balanced, patient, strong, motivated, confident, and forgiving in 2019.

Dimity & Sarah


  • 12 months of engaging workouts to keep you motivated between races—or all year long!

    • Includes running, cross-training, strength circuits, + running-specific prehab (injuries, be gone!).

    • Suitable for all levels of runners from beginners to Boston qualifiers.

    • Each month has a comprehensive PDF + is able to sync with Google Calendar + most calendar apps.

Many Happy Miles
Many Happy Miles
  • 12 months of doable challenges to complement your running + life—and satisfy your competitive streak!

    • Focus includes a range of topics: think forward movement, strength, lifestyle, introspection.

  • Steep discounts on Another Mother Runner merchandise, Train Like a Mother Club programs, and our favorite gear.

    • Whether you've got a marathon or a wardrobe makeover on your mind for 2019, you'll save significantly with your Many Happy Miles membership.

    • Our first discount for the whole month of January is 25% off all* Train Like a Mother Club programs—so you can plan your race calendar AND have Many Happy Miles.
      *does not apply to nutrition programs
  • Exclusive workshops + podcasts with experts

    • We're going to dive deep into topics with accessible, enthusiastic experts, including a running-specific physical therapist, happiness scientist, nutritionist, and, of course, a pro #motherrunner or two.

  • A Special Many Happy Miles Welcome Gift!

    • We admit, we're a little in love with the special MHM binder—and the final design is crazy-snazzy!

    • Built to hold all your Many Happy Miles materials (shocker, right?) with custom dividers included to make organization a snap.

Many Happy Miles
Many Happy Miles
  • Early Access to Another Mother Runner Retreat registration + other events. Plus, we've got a few more tricks in our key-sized, zippered pocket that'll bring you the happiest miles you've covered in years!





One payment is charged annually; two payments are charged every six months; four payments are charged quarterly.



Why did you create Many Happy Miles?

Can we answer a question with a question? Yes? Okay, thanks.

Does this sound familiar?
Get really excited about a race; sign up for the race; train consistently for months; cross the finish line; and, then, shortly thereafter, wonder one—or more—of the following:
○ How did I just race ____ miles, and now I can't even rally to walk the dog?
○ Did I (unwittingly) trade my daily mojo for a race medal?
When was the last time l opened the drawer for my workout clothes, let alone put on a sports bra?
What do I do now? 

We've heard screeching-stop, post-race scenario so many times—and experienced it ourselves—we wanted to create a fun, accessible program that not only fills in the gaps between races, but also helps you improve as a runner.

And if you're someone who prefers not to race, we also thought of you during our Many Happy Miles development. This program will lend structure—and some instruction—to your running, not to mention an army of teammates who will happily help you out the door when you'd rather not go. You'll be introduced to new workouts + ideas that will enhance your lifestyle for 12 straight months.

What kind of runner will thrive in Many Happy Miles?

Everyone. Truly.

(Not kidding.)

If you're just finding your running legs, you're perfect for Many Happy Miles. If you've been classified as Masters runner for a decade+, you're perfect for Many Happy Miles. If you run with a group? You can stamp Many Happy Miles on it. Push a stroller? Yup, you—and the tot—will love Many Happy Miles.

Additionally, you can be a walker; a run/walker; or a runner, and Many Happy Miles will fit seamlessly into your fitness journey.

Why? Many Happy Miles is not about the intensity of the workouts or the total mileage; it’s about the happy mileage: a full year of comprehensive programming that makes you feel more balanced, strong, confident, patient, productive, and forgiving.

You'll enjoy a fresh take on workouts each month; steep discounts on our favorite gear; expert guests who will help empower you with tips + ideas for your running + life; and the support of + connection with like-minded women who will inspire you to continue for many happy miles.

Is this a training program for a specific race distance (5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon)?

No. The workout focus in Many Happy Miles is regular sessions (running, cross-training, strength circuits) that keep you motivated and moving, no matter what is on your life/work/family/house/garden/grocery to-do list.

The longest weekend run is 90 minutes, and all the workouts can be adapted for walking or a run/walk pattern.

Okay, but can I race using the Many Happy Miles workouts?

Certainly, you can run a 5k or 10k if you’ve been consistently following the Many Happy Miles workouts for two or three months, but specific race-focused workouts are not included in the monthly plans.

If you're running a half-marathon or marathon and/or want to really root down in a training cycle for a specific goal, the Train Like a Mother Club, with its range of training plans created by expert, accessible coaches, is the best place for you to do that.

The good news? In Many Happy Miles, you'll receive discounts to Train Like a Mother Club programs, and the Many Happy Miles workouts will be waiting for you—and your potentially waning motivation—after you cross the finish line.

I plan to run two marathons this year and need to be on race-specific training plans: Why should I join Many Happy Miles?

There is so much more to Many Happy Miles beyond the monthly workouts.

  • Regular expert guest speakers—everybody from a happiness scientist to a pelvic floor physical therapist—will drop in and enhance your running + life.
  • You’ll get steep discounts on our favorite gear, as well as on merchandise in the Mother Runner Store and programs in the Train Like a Mother Club. In fact, our first discount for the whole month of January is 25% off all* Train Like a Mother Club programs—so you can plan your race calendar AND have Many Happy Miles.
    *does not apply to nutrition programs
  • The monthly challenges will enhance your marathon training (there’s no such thing as too many planks, right?).
  • You’ll have early access to Another Mother Runner Retreats and other events.
  • Did we mention the welcome gift? A super-cool binder (no, that is not an oxymoron) to hold all of your 2019 MHM materials.
  • Finally, the monthly workouts will benefit you when you’re out of marathon training.

How does Many Happy Miles compare to the Train Like a Mother Stride programs?

While both programs have a similar vibe—keep moving forward + have fun while you're at it—the Stride programs are just five weeks long. We will likely be hosting three Stride programs in 2019.

Also, Stride programs focus exclusively on workouts, while Many Happy Miles offers discounts, speakers, challenges, and a range of other benefits.

How much guidance will there be from coaches?

In Many Happy Miles, Dimity + the MHM team are ready to rah-rah-rah for you + help you integrate all the MHM programming into your running + life, but we are not able to tweak the monthly schedules, answer race-specific questions, or otherwise deviate from the MHM focus.

As such, we will NOT individually amend any monthly workouts to accommodate races, vacations, or injuries. (That said, you will have access to an army of smart #motherrunners on the Facebook page, and you are welcome to ask the community for advice.)

How does membership work?

Many Happy Miles is an annual membership, and you can join at any time. You can purchase it all at once ($160); make two payments ($85/each); or opt for four payments ($45/each).

Your membership lasts for 12 full months; all memberships purchased before January 1, 2019 will begin on January 1, 2019.

Any membership purchased after January 1, 2019 works like this: the month in which you purchase your membership is your first month of twelve. So if you join on January 10, 2019, you'll have access to all twelve months of 2019 Many Happy Miles. If you join on March 20, you'll have access to materials from March 2019 to February 2020.

If you join on the 26th of any month except February (the 24th of February), your membership will start on the 1st of the following month.

You will be notified by email two weeks before your 12-month Many Happy Miles membership is renewed; at that point, you will have the opportunity to adjust your payment plan or cancel your membership.

Can I join for less than 12 months?

No: Your membership to Many Happy Miles is a full 12 months; the programming is a complementary package that is best experienced on an annual schedule.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

We are unable to offer any refunds on Many Happy Miles annual membership.

You will be notified by email two weeks before your 12-month Many Happy Miles membership is renewed; at that point, you will have the opportunity to adjust your payment plan or cancel your membership.

What happens if I get injured?

With plenty of physical-therapy exercises and strength training, we're going to do our best to see that injury doesn't happen.

But if it does, being a member of Many Happy Miles will greatly benefit your recovery.
Each month of workouts will have options for translating the running workouts into non-impact workouts. (So if you can elliptical, bike, or walk, you're good to go!)
The expert guests will focus on a variety of topics, including physical therapy, gratitude, and happiness, which are keys to getting stronger, both mentally and physically.
○ Being connected to an empathetic community is incredibly helpful to fill the holes that come with being sidelined.

How do I access the materials?

Upon registering, you will get a username and password; upon entering them to the private Many Happy Miles site, you will have access to the site.

On the site are: the monthly workouts + challenges; a full calendar that you can download onto your own personal calendar; exclusive podcasts + videos; and a page full of discounts.

Do you have more details?

Of course! If you'd like to do a deeper dive, please check out the Many Happy Miles Facebook Live we did recently. You can also email us with questions. Thanks!