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Dr. Marni Nicholas after her first triathlon.

#141: Returning to Running after Fever or Flu

A timely topic and, like a hearty chicken soup, it’s chock full of good things—namely advice from a family practitioner about when and how to resume running after an illness. Dimity and Sarah host Marni Nicholas, M.D., a mother runner of two school-age sons and doctor of internal medicine in New Hampshire. The good doctor starts by talking about how she practices what she preaches, leading a beginners’ 5K program in her community every spring. Once talk turns to tissues and thermometers, Dr. Marni delivers good news, which is that moderate exercise boosts immunity so a short, easy run can help chase a cold away…

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RETREAT! (A noun, not a verb.)

RETREAT! (A noun, not a verb.)

The end-of-year countdown is rapidly approaching and if you’re like us, you might find yourself in a few late-night pharmacy visits. You go for children’s fever reducer and tampons, but suddenly you find yourself shopping in one aisle for at least 80% of your list. Your ten-minute errand has grown to a two-hour shopping spree that includes—but is not limited to—the full spectrum “As Seen on TV” product offerings. (Yep, my mother-in-law definitely needs a Bacon Bowl.)

Happy Holidays, mother runners!

But we’re not here to make you fret more; we bring good tidings!

In just about four months from today, on April 16, the inaugural AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh will kick off…

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whoa  saucony wall dimity

Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Triumph ISO (Whoa!)

Back in August at a trade show, Sarah and I got to try on a pair of the yet-to-debut Saucony Triumph ISO, a. After a long day of walking to and standing at booths, my feet felt like they landed smack dab in the middle of the best pillow ever. Truly, the Triumphs, which fit like a sock and feel like a million bucks, make you say, “Whoa.”
We sat down, shoes still on, and went through the rest of the Saucony gear, but all I could think was, “I want these shoes. I need these shoes. I wonder if they’ll notice if I walk away in these shoes.”
Alas, we had to give them back, but I thought about the Triumphs ISOs often in September and October, especially when things started to go south with my foot…

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Tell Me Tuesday: How to Give Back to Running

Tell Me Tuesday: How to Give Back to Running

For being a relatively simple sport—one foot in front of the other—running provides invaluable benefits: a strong heart + lungs, killer legs, endorphins, a clear-head and an instant kinship with anybody else who laces up, to name just a few.

That said, it’s also pretty much a solo sport, and it’s too easy to get caught up in your splits, your mileage, your recent PR—or lack thereof. So with the season of giving upon us, we wanted to suggest a few ways to give back to running.

Volunteer at a Race: So ridiculously simple to do—you can slice oranges or pour water, right?—and so inspiring, especially if you’re typically in either the front or back of the pack…

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Patience is a Revolutionary Act

Patience is a Revolutionary Act

Flash back a few weeks ago, pre-Thanksgiving. I was headed home from the Philadelphia Marathon, where I truly had a great time, and didn’t acutely feel the pain that I wasn’t going to be able to run 26.2 because of my bum foot. My heart was full with mother runners and love and all that jazz.

Until I got in the shuttle to go to the airport to fly home. It seemed like all the other passengers were runners, fresh off of running the half or full. Eavesdropping on their race reports and seeing their glowy faces, I became really bitter. At my foot, at my injury-prone body, at caring so much about a sport I’m not even good at, at the whole stupid situation…

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