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We love hearing from you, and the best way to reach us is via email: runmother at gmail dot com. That said, our email in box gets as full as a two-year-olds diaper in the morning, so we may take some time to answer. We’d tell you to be patient, but we’re pretty sure you say that 20 times a day yourself.

If you have a specific gear question, you might want to check the AMR connect page; if you’re wondering if we’re coming your way or would like us to attend a race, check our Run With Us! page. You can also pose a question to the tribe on our Facebook page.; you’ll definitely get some good help, answers, and support there.

If you’re a member of the media and want to request an interview or review one of the books, please reach out Kathy Hilliard, our publicist at Andrews McMeel: khilliard at amuniversal dot com. Thanks!

280 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Kelly Bettinger says:

    I would love to see AMR app with training plans/coaching, community, music links, audiobook links, etc. The possibilities are endless!

  2. lisa ward says:

    On the podcast from last week, you mentioned a book called, capital. Who is the author?

  3. ALI Raza says:

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  4. Kelly says:

    I’m trying to get to your store and there is something wrong with the link….. does this mean I get a discount? ;)
    I just want a t shirt…

  5. I am a novice runner, Mountain N’ Air Books is a distribution company selling books to specialty Outdoors, fitness and travel stores.
    I would like to get in touch with you and develop our books and maps inventory to service the need of your company.

  6. Jean Dwyer says:

    I’m so glad I heard about another mother runner! I am a female distance runner and owner of a running specialty store with four locations in Iowa and can’t wait to spread the word about your website and blog. I will be sure to like you on Facebook! Thanks for catering to such a wonderful group, moms!

  7. Jenn says:

    All I wanted to say is, you guys should add keychains to your store! I want one I I don’t even know what they look like yet. :) ok that’s all.

  8. Kendra+Auringer says:

    I need help. I am about to start an epic journey, Ironman training. Dimity, how did you do it all and still have time to see your kids and hubby. I am worried that I am being selfish in this choice to cross just one more off the bucket list.

  9. Leanne Jose says:

    Could I please list a race on your calendar?

    NEVER QUIT, 6/6/2015, Jacksonville Beach, FL at 7:30am

    Thank you!

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