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If you have a specific gear question, you might want to check the AMR connect page; if you’re wondering if we’re coming your way or would like us to attend a race, check our Run With Us! page. You can also pose a question to the tribe on our Facebook page.; you’ll definitely get some good help, answers, and support there.

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271 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Rose says:


    I just wanted to comment on the episode where Dimity talked about her injury and how we all have our own personal limits. This is such a breath of fresh air. I’m sorry to hear about your injury Dimity, but I can relate so much to what you said about listening to your body. I have been doing Chi Running for about the last 3 years,hoping it would improve my rate of injury. I’ve ran 6 marathons and still haven’t quite figured out how to do it pain free, hence the Chi running. I’m happy that I’m running with better form and have fewer leg and hip trouble, but I have this chronic hamstring tightness that leads to pain after several miles. I’ve decided (of course this could change) that I’m going to run the Paris marathon with some friends in April. After that, I really want to scale back on my running–maybe even 5k or 10ks. Not even sure I want to keep doing 1/2 marathons. I will always be a runner, but it’s nice to know that we can all pick our own distances and that not everyone necessarily has to run a marathon every month. Thanks for letting me comment. P.S. Dimity, I met you at the Denver marathon expo. You gave me the nuun tablet. Going to try using this on some of my longer runs. Thanks again ladies for your wonderful podcasts. I listen to it all the time!

    Rose from Denver.

  2. Rachel Blair says:

    You 2 have impacted my life in such a big way.

    Last March my healthy sister and mom of 8 year old twins, at the young age of 46, suffered a massive stroke that paralyzed her entire left side of her body. Needless to say this year has been extremely tough on all of us. There has been countless hours in the car driving to and from hospitals, rehab centers and doctor appointments. I’m a NPR listener, but I got to the point where I just couldn’t listen to anything in the car because it would eventually bring me to tears. I discovered your pod cast and found myself laughing and forgetting about the stress of everything for just a few minutes. I took about 4 months off from running, but when our schedules calmed down I knew I needed to get back to the pavement. I signed up for my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon. With the combination of training for the MCM and listening to you guys- it gave me the laughs that I needed when times where very, very sad. Running and your pod casts has gotten me through a lot and I will be forever grateful. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. Nina says:

    I absolutely love you ladies and this is why I am writing this! You are always talking about chocolate milk as a “recovery snack,” but it is honestly one of the worst things you can drink for your health. Cows milk has a protein, casein, which is so acidic to human body that it actually leaches calcium from our bones causing woman to develop osteoporosis. The countries who consume the most dairy actually have significantly higher rates of this disease (as well as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others!). “Forks over knives” is a wonderful documentary which every single person should watch to get knowledge regarding health. Other great resources include the books “the china study,” “the starch solution,” and “preventing and reversing heart disease.” I hope this information will reach you! Thanks for all the entertainment and great running information!! :)

  4. Erin B says:

    Hi ladies! I am a new listener, and not yet a mama, but I LOVE your podcast. I just listened to the most recent and am SO excited that you will be running Philly! I am running it as my first marathon and am SO excited that you will be there too. Are you guys going to have a table at the expo? I’ll definitely bring my mother runner friends by!

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  6. Nikki says:

    hi girls…really want to use the discount code for us 13.Fun’ers on the store website, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. Am I the only one??? Thank you!

  7. Maggie says:

    Due to desperation caused by unfortunate scheduling at the Hubby’s shop, I have purchased a double jogger to try to catch up on my training for a half in 9 weeks. Is there a page here with tips for running with tiny buddies who weigh half a ton? I’m excited for the strength aspect and knowing that if I continue to do the majority of my training with the stroller, the actual race will be cake. At least I hope so… ;)

  8. Tanya Morgenstern says:


    I signed up for the 13.Fun challenge and I neglected to bookmark the private page. Could you send me the link again?

    Thanks very much!


  9. Marina says:

    Do you wanna try Airia One innovative shoes, that were designed exactly for runners? You may leave them to yourself, in return we want you to post review on shoes on your blog. If you are interested, contact me.

  10. Kathy Crews says:

    Do we have to join a Strava group for the 13. Fun?

  11. wendy says:

    does the sleeveless badass running mother come in different sizes and color? can’t find that out on this website. thank you.

  12. julie+katz says:

    question for the 13.1 training. can you do the training and walk the entire thing.

    • dimity says:

      There’s a walk/run training program, Julie, which you can do. You can also walk the miles as well, if that fits best for your life and situation right now. Thanks for asking!

  13. julie+katz says:

    for the kid quote page. is my mommy still chasing me. also for t

  14. Sarah Bucher says:

    I signed up for the but have not received my link to the private page yet. I did receive my package in the mail and i am so excited to get started! I was wondering when i might expect to get the link to the website? Thank you!

  15. April Belanger says:

    Hi girls, I had signed for the 13.1 fun but have not received the link or email from June 20th about the group and training plans. I did get my book ,hat and goodies,thank you. Can’t wait to start this journey. April

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