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Summer Reading 2022

Anyone who loves reading (or listening to!) books will appreciate the slew of summer reading suggestions served up in this episode. Sarah and Ellison recommend a baker’s dozen of books, after talking about a recent South Carolina earthquake and Sarah’s [...]

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Try a New Sport!

If you’re thinking of expanding your athletic world beyond running, give this episode a listen. Co-hosts Sarah and Coach Liz share their beyond-running sporty passions (pickleball and gravel cycling, respectively), then they chat with Lauren, who recently dove into swimming. The [...]

By |2022-06-17T02:53:54-04:00June 16th, 2022|

Thyroid Health for Runners

This is the episode for anyone (and everyone!) looking for answers on why they might be feeling lethargic or experiencing sudden weight gain: It’s a conversation with endocrinologist Fawn Wolf, M.D., and a mother runner recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. Topics [...]

By |2022-06-03T00:04:57-04:00June 2nd, 2022|

Bone Health for Runners

Anyone concerned about (or bedeviled by!) osteoporosis, stress fractures, or shin splints needs to listen to this episode, which intersperses wisdom with wit thanks to the great guest, Karen Myrick, DNP, a professor and nurse who specializes in orthopaedics. Karen [...]

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