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#AMRinSaucony: What Puts a Spring in Your Step? (A Contest!)

#AMRinSaucony: What Puts a Spring in Your Step? (A Contest!)

When we picked Amy Blake to be our #AMRinSaucony for the year, we also promised regular chances for you all to be #AMRinSaucony.
And we’re happy to announce, during these wintery days of March, that we’ve got the first one queued up…and given the forecasts/snow days/delayed starts lately, it seems like it’s not a moment too soon.
Because we want to know what puts a Spring in Your Step. (Get it? Spring in the dregs of winter? Aren’t we clever?)
Here’s how it’s going to work:
1. Take a picture of something that puts a Spring in Your Step. Could (Does it have to have a Saucony product in the picture? Not necessarily, but we’ll obviously encourage it…

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Meet the AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh Team

Meet the AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh Team

Y’all—note how we’re pulling out the Southern now—know that Sarah and I will be at the very first little AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh, but we wanted to introduce to you the other mother runners that will be there to run, teach, connect, advise, help, and laugh.

Also, wanted to remind you that we have a special deal going on; through March 15, we’re offering 15% off all overnight packages to the AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh, taking place April 16-19 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Register here for AMR Run + Refresh Retreat; enter promotional code REFRESH15 by clicking the “enter promotional code” link near the green “Register” button to access the 15% discounted prices…

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Quick Note From Dimity: About That Essay…

For the past week, it’s felt like my whole body has been shot up with Novacaine. I’ve been numb, but not in the whee-it’s-go-time way I should’ve been.

When I wrote my essay in Tales From Another Mother Runner last August, this March felt so far off. Kind of like it wouldn’t ever really come. But the clock kept marching forward, and here we are.

The words that I wrote in the bright light and long days of  last summer are now in the grey light of this winter day.

And right now, the words feel like a smelly, scary elephant lurking around everything I do and think with AMR. That’s not how I want to feel around these parts…

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Tales From Another Mother Runner Tuesday: Bethany Meyer

Tales From Another Mother Runner Tuesday: Bethany Meyer


March 3 has finally arrived!
Our third book, Tales From Another Mother Runner should be hitting shelves and mailboxes across the country today! (And yes, we kind of think of it as our third baby. Except that labor was last fall, and we’ve fully recovered, so now we’re all: Isn’t she cute? And that wasn’t that hard, was it?)
To celebrate the arrival, we’ve got another serving of Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday, where we preview one of the essayists. While our names are on the cover, the book is a truly celebration of this amazing, badass community: not only does it contain 22 essays from a range of talented writers and mother runners, it has miles of insight, advice, stories, and humor from hundreds of you…

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Meet Amy Blake, a (slightly tired) #AMRinSaucony

Welcome to the first column from Amy Blake, our #AMRinSaucony. She’s going to post monthly—and we’re going to have a cool #AMRinSaucony contest on Friday, so stay tuned!
It seems like it was yesterday when Dimity told me I was slated for a blog post in March. In reality, it was three weeks ago, which seemed like it was forever away. Having blogged for a long time now – it will be fifteen years this May – I thought, no problem; I have plenty of time.

Feel free to laugh. Because as you can probably guess, Life happened. I got slammed with a ton of last minute “super critical” things at work…

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