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The Mother Runner Movement: How Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea helped empower women with running

"For a woman, being a mom and a runner aren't always complementary identities. In fact, when you add a career, partner, and possibly even a social life to the mix, finding time for all of it can be as challenging as tiptoeing across your child's room in the middle of the night without stepping on a Lego."


A Woman's Health: Tales for the Road…or Trail or Treadmill

"Whether describing the buoying role that running has played in the most intense challenges of their lives or laugh-out-loud moments of hilarity encountered in the circus ring that is the life of a mother runner, these words provide connection, compassion, and fuel to stoke the running fire."


Women's Running: What Morning Runs Are Really Like for Moms

"There’s always something else to reach for, with running and so many parts of life. It’s never easy, and the only answer seems to be persistence."

tales from another mother runner

Zelle: Creating a Tribe: The Success of Another Mother Runner

"Helping women discover their BAMR selves clearly drives Bowen Shea’s and McDowell’s work, along with creating a strong community of support for mother runners everywhere. It appears that they have been wildly successful in their mission, and Bowen Shea and McDowell certainly deserve credit for helping create an ardent running community, now thousands of mothers strong."

tales from another mother runner alison overholt

ESPNW: I Dreamed We Were Running

"The recently released "Tales From Another Mother Runner: Triumphs, Trials, Tips, and Tricks from the Road" explores the inspiration, strength and sense of community found through running, in a collection of essays by mother runners, including this one from espnW's Editor-in-Chief Alison Overholt."

tales from another mother runner

DAILY BURN: The Power of Running 

"In their third book, McDowell and Bowen Shea gathered a series of inspiring personal essays from 22 “badass mother runners” (themselves, included). Longer pieces are interspersed with funny tidbits from the vibrant mother runner community on topics ranging from what it’s like to run a naked 5K to woe-is-me bathroom tales. But, the book delves deeper into the problems that plague mothers (and everyone), too."

another mother runner authors sarah bowen shea and dimity mcdowell

The Oregonian: Writers behind Another Mother Runner turn their first book into successful multimedia platform

Writers Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell have proved that gumption, entrepreneurial savvy and a little luck can elevate a simple book deal into a flourishing business.

tales from another mother runner

Health: What 5 women learned about life (and themselves) through running 

"Tales from Another Mother Runner is a collection of thoughtful essays by women who believe in the 'transformative power of a mile.'"

Tales from Another Mother Runner

Denver Post: Alone But Together

"For a woman, the first time she realizes what her body can do, what she's capable of — it doesn't just enhance her physically, it enhances her emotionally. She'll be a better mother, a better wife, a better coworker."

TAMR Contributors Rachel Walker and Michelle Theall

Boulder Daily Camera: 'Mother Runners' weave tales of female life

"This book brought me into a world far different than the often-competitive male running world focusing on performance, competition and separateness."

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Sarah Bowen Shea Running Insight

Running Insight: Building Community Pays Off

Sarah Bowen Shea hosted the panel, “How To Foster Community – While Growing Your Business” at The Running & Fitness Event For Women in Chicago, where she shared tips on how running stores could create loyal customers and build community among women runners.

women running tutus

ESPNW: Behold: The Power of the Tutu 

The tutu has been trending nationwide, from mud runs to marathons. More and more women are lacing up their running shoes and realizing that running, a sport that formerly carried an intimidating sheen and was dominated by intense men in too-short shorts, is now a come-one-come-all activity populated with women of all shapes, sizes, paces – and outfits.

Runner's World: The Great Escape 

An excerpt from Run Like a Mother, the spark that began this whole party.The spouse, the children, deadlines, dishes, dogs. When an overfull life becomes overwhelming, sometimes you just have to get out and run. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone understood?


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