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The Most Important Mile of My Life: Jayne Richards

The Most Important Mile of My Life: Jayne Richards

I started running in my 30s. A late bloomer, but big dreamer, I set my sights on the NYC Marathon. Unfortunately, life intervened. A series of injuries, family duties, and managing a business brought my feet to a halt. Eventually, my family and job obligations eased, and I knew it was time to hit the road.

In a rash move in 2008, I registered for NYC. I thought I would get my name in, but actually had my eye on the fall of 2011, the year I would turn 50.

Of course, I was accepted right away. I learned I could defer and be a guaranteed entry the following year. I did, then stepped up my training…

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#118: Solutions for Summer Running

[Note: We're hard at work on our third book this summer, so today's podcast has previously aired. Don't worry - we'll be back next week with a new show!]

As temps are heating up across the country, Sarah and Dimity answer your questions about sweaty summer running concerns. Hope it doesn’t rub you the wrong way, but they spend quite a bit of time talking about chafing. They move on to myriad tips on how to have enough fluids for long runs (one important take-away: Do as Dimity says, not as she does).  They also cover sunscreen, the importance of slowing down, and acclimatization (glad they didn’t have to blurt out that mouthful of a word, though!)…


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Winners of GU Gels and Chomps

Winners of GU Gels and Chomps

Overall, my training for the Victoria Marathon is going well. Coach is mixing in lots of interesting speed play, even on longer efforts. Challenging, but usually the workouts don’t leave me a puddle on the pavement. Except for last Sunday’s run.

Nothing too intimidating on paper (well, online, actually: Coach Bri utilizes Training Peaks): total distance of 6.25 miles, with a gradual 2-mile warm-up, then 30 seconds of speed alternating with 30 seconds of easy pace for a mile before moving into some faster half-miles. Molly and I set out at the leisurely time of 8:00 a.m., blithely unaware of the temperature–which, by Portland standards, was hot enough to make bacon sizzle…

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Throwback Thursday: A Former Four-Eyes Is Recovering from Plantar Fasciitis

Throwback Thursday: A Former Four-Eyes Is Recovering from Plantar Fasciitis

As we’re finishing up our third mother runner book, we’re going green this summer and recycling some of our blog posts. This post originally appeared on our site in August 2011. [Read: I don't currently have PF. I kicked it to the curb in late 2011.]

I started wearing glasses at the age of 2 ½. As my mom tells it, she was sitting across from me at the kitchen table while I was eating a sandwich. Each time I brought the PB&J up to my mouth, my right eye would track in toward my nose. An opthalmologist I’d end up seeing a great deal over the coming years, Dr. Ostriker, diagnosed me as being cross-eyed…

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Under that wool long-sleeve on Dimity (right) lies another layer of Icebreaker wool.

Hump Day Giveaway: Three Icebreaker Wool Tees

I envy people with well-organized homes: Once I’ve parceled out my energy for mothering, meal preparation, laundry, work, running, and the occasional socializing, I don’t have much left over for organizing or decorating. So digital photos rarely get printed out and framed; the kids’ toys are a hodgepodge jumble of Legos, Zoobles, Magic Markers, and Groovy Girl accessories; our few silver candlesticks or vases are the color of the bottom of my kids’ feet after they shoot baskets barefoot in the street.

But one task I’m dedicated to: swapping out my winter clothes for summer ones, even if it only means moving my few colorful cotton skirts in front of the charcoal grey and black one or stashing sweaters into an under-bed box…

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