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#126: A Chat with Saucony 26Strong Cadets Mid-Training

In this almost hour-long episode, Dimity and Sarah introduce their “cadets” in the Saucony 26Strong program, Kelly Pollock and Alison Pellicci, respectively. Kelly and Alison are both relatively new runners—hitting the pavement (and treadmill!) for two years or less—and now they are midway through training to run their first 26.2, the Philadelphia Marathon, with Dimity and Sarah at their sides. The cadets tell how training is going, including sharing their biggest hurdle and greatest surprise thus far. Kelly talks about the success of doing run-walk pattern, and Alison lets listeners in on what it’s like to marathon train with her husband…

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martini fridays: bad run + syracuse meet-up

martini fridays: bad run + syracuse meet-up

I wasn’t sure how my body and mind would respond to getting back on the running horse — hey, there’s a thought: half-marathons on horseback — after a week away. Would my IT band and growly right calf simply say “Nope” and force me to limp home? Would my brain respond to speedwork with a “Nope” and spend the workout reminding me of how much I suck?

Turns out the answer to both of those questions was, mostly,  “Nope.”

With one exception, the runs have gone well — but that exception was a big one. Last Saturday’s long run was so bad I decided during the middle miles I didn’t really even like running…

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AMR Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit, Episode 6: Sciatica

AMR Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit, Episode 6: Sciatica

In this episode of the AMR Traveling TriggerPoint Ultimate 6 Kit, we’re trying to find relief for Susan, a mother runner who is suffering from sciatica. She’s already bailed on  most of her races this fall, but is looking for her redemption marathon next spring…with the improvements she’s already seen with just six weeks of the TriggerPoint releases, we’re confident she’ll be crossing 26.2 when the flowers start to bloom again.

What sciatica is: The official sounding diagnosis? Sciatic nerve pain due to disc degeneration of the lower lumbar spine.

Explanation, please: Each hard in the spine disc is surrounded by a jelly-like substance that absorbs shock to the spine…

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Us together in front of Orlando crowd

Remaining Chances to Party Like a Mother Runner in 2014!

After hunkering down for several months to finish our third book, we are ready to get back on the party train–the Mother Runner Party train, that is. We’ve literally been coast to coast this year–from SoCal to central Florida–and now we’re set to head a bit north, then make a sharp right back out to the East Coast.

First stop: Spokane, Washington. We hear great things about this city-on-the-rise, especially its network of gorgeous running trails; we are headed there to emcee the Happy Girls Run half-marathon, 10K, and 5K. We’ve never been to eastern Washington, so we knew we had to host a party for women runners there…

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August in Four Acts

August in Four Acts

As August drenched us in sweat and chlorinated water, I realized missed writing about my life and my running. So here’s a quick catch-up, with the promise—both to myself and you, lovely mother runners—that I’ll be better about documenting my miles here.

In the meantime, here’s a rewind on the month that came and went:

First up was volunteering at Ironman Boulder. A small army of mother runners and I had the privilege of helping in Transition 2, which is when athletes, fresh off a 112-mile bike ride, come in, regroup, change their clothes, and then head out for a short 26.2 mile run…

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