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Throwback Wednesday: 10 Rules of Running Injuries

Throwback Wednesday: 10 Rules of Running Injuries

As we’re finishing up our third mother runner book, we’re going green this summer and recycling some of our blog posts. This post originally appeared on our site on October 25, 2010

So I’m officially out of the boot–just minutes before my left side permanently shifted an inch downward, I’m certain–but am still in no shape to run. My right foot, the supposedly healed one, is super crampy and tender. Dang it. And my already angry left glutehing (combo of butt, hip and hamstring, of course) is downright pissed from being such a supporting player for over a month. Insert expletive here…

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AMR Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit, Episode 5: Piriformis Syndrome

AMR Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit, Episode 5: Piriformis Syndrome

Nicole Hart, a mom on the move in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, had a massive pain in her butt for months. “I haven’t been able to do any real speed workouts, just all easy runs,” she told us. “Foam rolling, stretching, core exercises are helping my Piriformis Syndrome, but they’re not perfect. Sitting is the worst for it!” Sounds like she was the next perfect recipient for the AMR TriggerPoint Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit.

What Piriformis Syndrome is: When one muscle—the piriformis muscle, which is your in your butt near the top of the hip joint—gets too aggressive and compresses the sciatic nerve…

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T-shirt twins Paula Harkin (left) and SBS chitchat pre-podcast

#119: (Running) Streaker Paula Harkin Bares All

Dimity and Sarah reconnect with Paula Harkin, the Portland mom of two, “proficient” runner, and coach who trained SBS for the 2007 marathon that kicked off Run Like a Mother. Main topic of conversation: Paula surpassing her 2000th day of of running at least a mile a day. The mother runners delve into the origins of Paula’s noteworthy running streak, the speedbumps along the way, and if it shows any signs of ending. Much to the TMI delight of Sarah, Paula shares the gory details of a fibroid-fueled episode that nearly sidelined her. Dimity and Sarah also have Portland Running Company co-owner share insight about hurdling the intimidation factor of shopping at a running specialty store…


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Three Icebreaker Aero Crewe wool tees; three winners.

Three Winners of Icebreaker Wool Tees

Today is a two-fer wool day for me: I’ll be sporting an Icebreaker wool tee on a 15-mile run–the longest jaunt so far in my build-up to the Victoria Marathon–then I’ll bundle up in a heavier Icebreaker hoodie as I take my first ice bath of this training cycle. Brrrrr, I shiver just thinking about the ice and cold water on my lady parts!! But while my biscuit-and-bum freeze, my upper body and noggin will remain warm thanks to midweight wool. I love the dichotomy of wool: It’ll help keep me cooler while running, yet keep me warm when my body needs some heat.

Three mother runners will get to experience the beauty of  Icebreaker wool for themselves…

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