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26Strong: Looking for Two Wannabe Marathoners

26Strong: Looking for Two Wannabe Marathoners

Fire drill of a post here: We are in Charleston, had internet issues last night, so our Hump Day Giveaway is postponed until tomorrow. Whew!

The tech problems were a blessing in disguise, though, because we learned this morning that we have exactly one week to recruit to mother runners to run a marathon with us as part of Saucony’s 26Strong Program.

Yes, you read that correctly: We’re looking for two wannabe marathoners to run beside either Sarah or myself.  (And we’ll run your pace, your race, stop when you need a drink, gel, or a port-a-potty. We’ll be your not-so-little cheerleaders through the whole course…

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Stopping by the Brand New Saucony Stride Lab

Stopping by the Brand New Saucony Stride Lab


Like most of you, I’m guessing, I’m a sucker for a good running specialty store. Walls of bright shoes that just scream for miles; racks of clothes so cool, my mind swirls with potential finish line photos; colorful accessories, hundreds of flavors of nutrition, rows and rows of cushy socks and….bears, oh my?!

Running stores are my version of Dorothy’s yellow brick road.

So last week, when the Boulder Running Company opened the country’s biggest specialty run store, square-footage-wise, in nearby Cherry Creek, I pointed my minivan straight towards Oz. And while I could’ve spent hours perusing the racks, I beelined for the Saucony Stride Lab, a research-grade treadmill and lab that documents your stride—and, more importantly, your body’s positioning and movement as you run—in microscopic measurements…

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The Most Important Mile of My Life: Christine Kurtz

The Most Important Mile of My Life: Christine Kurtz

Before I even jogged my first half mile, some running sage had advised that writing down every run would be motivational. I have logged every mile I’ve run, thousands of them.

But I won’t be flipping through the pages of my many journals to find that most important mile. It only took a second to choose one.

My daughters grew up knowing that their mother was a “runner.” They were ages 1, 3 and 5 when I started running in the mornings while the rest of the family slept.

In the summer of 1983 I was training for my second Cherry Festival 15K race when my middle daughter, Karlene, age 7, said that she wanted to run in the two-mile fun run that same weekend…

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#104: Q&A for Early Spring 2014

Before jumping in to answer questions culled from the AMR Facebook page, Sarah talks about her busy running-related morning and Dimity admits to finally “committing” to a workout for her mid-June 70.3 Ironman triathlon. The Ironmother reveals her clever multi-media strategy for getting fired up for intervals. (Hint: It’s a medley involving Kevin Spacey and the band fun.) Then the ladies suggest ways for Jackie (or you!) to like running—or at least like having run.  They talk about importance of the oft-overlooked runner’s upper body, tossing out a bevy of at-home exercises. Sarah shares a plethora of pointers for a lunchtime run, garnered from her running partner who holds down a full-time job…


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Winner of Smith Approach Max Sunglasses

Winner of Smith Approach Max Sunglasses

Portland should be renamed City of Rainbows: It is relatively common for raindrops to be falling and the sun to be shining at the same time. Numerous times, it has been raining in our front yard, yet sunny in the back–and our house is not a half-mile deep.

When I recently tweeted about Portland’s latest quixotic weather, a self-proclaimed “husband to a #badassmotherrunner” replied, “I always say ‘You know you’re in Portland when you need your sunglasses in the rain.’ So true on my lunch run today.”

A perfect situation to sport a pair of Smith Optics Approach Max glasses: With two pairs of interchangeable lenses, your eyes can be protected even in low-light situations…

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