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Run Philly: Limited-Edition Philadelphia Marathon 2014 Running Gear

“Can’t keep this badass mother runner down. Graston + acupuncture = my miracle cure.”

“So… got through the 19 . Ran the whole thing except for a large hill around mile 16, walked that because I didn’t want to risk making my hip more angry.”

“PR’d in the half today: 1:52:07….I definitely have trained much harder and smarter during this training cycle.”

These are just a few of the texts and emails I got today from, respectively, Michelle, Alison, and Nicole, who are all running the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23. All year, I’ve been half-jokingly saying  Philly is going to be the fall race for mother runners to coalesce at–and now I believe it! Dimity and I are running the full with our Saucony 26Strong cadets, Kelly and Alison, and we hear from so many other 26…

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Ilyce "Ms. Chiz" Chizmadia at her 13.FUN culmination race on a wet Massachusetts day. She still ripped off her first sub-2:00 13.1, rain or no rain!

#132: 13.FUN Half-Marathon Companion

An hour+ podcast to accompany 13.FUN Challengers on their culmination race—or anyone running a half-marathon or other race. By weaving in comments from 13.FUN’ers and sharing their own race experiences, Sarah and Dimity talk you up—and through—a competitive challenge. From reminders about the power of running to mantras, from TMI moments to big race-day results, the ladies cover all the ground to excite and inspire you. Bonus: There are clips from 10 get-you-moving songs interspersed in this special episode.

*If you’re digging our podcasts, we’d be super-grateful if you’d take a minute (because we *know* you have so many to spare!) to write a review on iTunes…

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Martini Fridays: embrace the taper

Martini Fridays: embrace the taper

I have thoroughly embraced the taper. Oh, taper. I love you — and you showed up right when I needed you the most.

This Tuesday, I started a new job as the writer/editor for my university’s alumni magazine. It’s a full-time gig and one that I am thrilled to have, because it will be a nice change of pace to be a writer whose primary job is writing. Crazy talk, I know.

The sticky bit, however, is that I still need to finish out my teaching commitments for this semester. Between now and mid-December, that essentially means that I will have two three-quarter time jobs simultaneously, which is just as confusing/exhausting as you might think…

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SBS smiling in sepia

Race Report: 2014 Victoria Marathon

“You look sttttt-rrrrrrreeeesssed!” exclaims Lane, the  18-year-old daughter of my running partner, Molly, as she opens up the door to her family’s hotel room. Ah, the astute–and blunt–observational skills of a teenager.

Lane, like me, is about to run the Victoria Marathon in the capital city of British Columbia; unlike me, she seems as lighthearted and relaxed as a teen headed to a Katy Perry concert. I’ve been fighting the urge to puke all morning, and had woken up hours before my alarm, sweating and fretting in the hotel bed next to my slumbering husband, Jack. It is almost go-time, yet I only want to run and hide…

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Roll, roll, roll your calf: Dimity taking an STK break during Ragnar.

Hump Day Running Giveaway: TriggerPoint GRID STK and STK-X

Post-race recovery is very much on my mind: As I write this post, my 26.2-mile victory lap in Victoria, B.C., is barely more than 48 hours in my mind’s rearview mirror. Despite running my second-fastest marathon ever, the lower half of my body feels better than it has after any 26.2-miler. [Full race report tomorrow!]

I credit three things (plus one person–the supremely talented coach, Briana Boehmer) to today being able to walk down stairs without wincing and to squat on the toilet without whimpering. They are:

-Taking a 10-minute-long, ersatz ice bath in the Victoria Harbour. Our lovely hotel room didn’t have a bathtub, so I improvised by submerging myself, fully clad minus shoes, up to my armpits…

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