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Throwback Thursday: Today I Ran…

As we’re finishing up our third mother runner book, we’re going green this summer and recycling some of our blog posts. This post originally appeared on our site on October 21, 2010

What did you run today?

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Hump Day Giveaway: Two 6-month JustGoGirl Pad Subscriptions


One of our newest partners is JustGoGirl, which makes discreet pads to combat “athletic leakage,” a term the company founder fit-mama Brooke Solis, has wisely trademarked. We suspect you have as many questions about the company and product as we did, so we went straight to the source–mother of five Brooke Solis. 

AMR: JustGoGirl: What’s up with the name? Does the name imply, “Just go exercise already, woman!” or… “go ahead and pee your pants—we got this!” Or both—or neither?
Brooke: The name is a double entendre – just go get your workout done, whether it’s a run or a group fitness class, CrossFit, tennis, aerobics, dance or any other high-impact activity  you love and when you do, just go ahead and pee because we will have you covered…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Amy DeKorse, 39, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when her daughter Vivian, now 4, was a baby. But this New Haven, MI, half-marathon mother runner finds strength in running. “I try to be smart about it. I have physical therapy to ensure proper stretching and strengthening, as well as having all my doctors aware of my training intentions and how to keep me doing it.” 

Best recent run: I love running, but ”training” aspects can get me a little frustrated, though. For example, I don’t really lose myself in speed workouts or hill-climbing like a good ol’ long run. BUT, last week, while forcing myself to do 8x400s right in my own neighborhood, I realized after how great I felt! Counting down the segments, challenging myself to keep pace, and SURVIVING helped in creating a newfound respect for this part of training!

Powerful Athlete: For as long as I can remember, I’ve always admired the female athlete…

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The Most Important Mile of My Life: Erin VanLaningham

The Most Important Mile of My Life: Erin VanLaningham

I handed the pine cone to my youngest son. He turned and grinned at me, face flushed. Then, his older brother ran past us to take the pine cone, picking up the pace. We were running the first Pine Cone Relay, a game we made up on our first family run.

Every summer we spend time at my parents’ cabin on a lake in Northern Wisconsin — swimming, kayaking, and having campfires. This summer was a bit different as I unlocked the door, quickly lighting the fire to cut through the cold front that had hit in July. I was fresh off a divorce and this was the first family vacation I was embarking on with the boys alone…

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#120: Lady Doc: An OB/GYN Gives Advice for Active Moms [Rerun]

[Note: We're hard at work on our third book this summer, so today's podcast has previously aired. Don't worry - we'll be back next week with a new show!]

Sarah and Dimity talk with Dr. Amanda Hurtubise, an OB/GYN in Port Huron, Michigan, who they found through her informed, insightful comments on their Facebook page, about health advice for active moms. This mom of three and beginning-again runner quickly dubs this show about “the fallout of running,” addressing TMI topics like vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence, and risk of infection from hanging out in sweaty workout wear. The good doctor also talks about running during pregnancy…


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