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Bethany Takes on Boston: All by Myself

Bethany Takes on Boston: All by Myself


Bethany Meyer, with just one last long run before the taper for Boston Marathon, added some zip lining to her training plan over spring break. Bethany is running as part of the team sponsored by Stonyfield Organic Yogurt: Click here to check out the other badass runners on the Stonyfield team and see what’s going on with them. 

Four kids is a lot of kids. I am reminded of this every time I run. Because my bladder leaks. It doesn’t matter that I empty it multiple times before lacing up my sneakers. Short run or long. On the track or the trail. Hydrated or not. My bladder leaks…

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Push further (and possibly faster) than you think possible with this new Rock My Run mix.

Free Hour-Long RockMyRun Mix from Mother Runner Suggestions!

As much as I love podcasts, nothing motivates me more when I’m running solo than upbeat music. It’s kind of crazy: I’ll be on a 6-miler, listening to dear Peter Sagal and the “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me” crew, and I’ll feel like sludge. Quads heavy, lungs heaving, Achilles twanging. It feels like I’d make faster progress if I hitched a ride on the back of a giant tortoise.
Then, once the last laughs of the Paula Poundstone and Tom Bodett fade, I switch to music. As soon as Hozier or Sia starts singing in my ears, it’s like a cosmic switch has been thrown; energy surges through my body…

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#154: Summer Sanders: Olympic-Medalist Swimmer Turned Mother Runner

Dimity and Sarah are joined by Summer Sanders, winner of four Olympic medals in swimming who has been a runner for two decades. A mom of two, Summer shares how she shifted from being a serious athlete to a social one (even though Dim and Sarah think her 3-hours-and-change marathons are plenty serious!). From there, Summer dispenses more excellent running and training advice than pretty much the entire AMR book trilogy —everything from the importance of occasionally skipping a workout to holding back in the first mile of a race. You’ll probably be able to hear the marbles in Sarah’s head rolling around as she eagerly nods when Summer says, “When you hit the wall, you can decide to either be stuck behind it or bust through it…

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My Most Important Mile: Diane Hochhalter

My Most Important Mile: Diane Hochhalter

Another in our series of Most Important Miles to celebrate the fact that we are so grateful for your stories, our collective miles that send strength and love into the world, the community that brings us together, and the simple ability to run. (Find Diane’s blog here.)

In October 2013, I crossed, hand in hand with two of my close friends, the finish line of the Twin Cities Marathon in St. Paul Minnesota.

In February 2014, I was walking like a funky chicken.

What started as a facial spasming and twitching progressed into something that affected my ability to walk normally, speak fluently, process thoughts and situations like I had been able to previously…

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Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday: Susan Schorn

Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday: Susan Schorn

We’re excited to return to our regularly scheduled Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday and to keep the #TAMRTour  momentum going. (TAMR rhymes with BAMR, btw.)

Today we’re profiling Susan Schorn, who was on our podcast in 2013 with some great ideas for and philsophies around self defense. 

Suan is going to join Kristin Armstrong and Sarah tonight, March 26th, in Austin at the Texas Running Company. Don your best boots–or your running shoes! You can still join us! RSVP here for a free, fun night full of prizes, laughs, and mother runner connection.

My running history: I ran a little cross-country in high school but didn’t really get into it as an adult until after my son was born…

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