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Nicole Goodman, 32, is a trail runner at heart (and a Boston qualifier!) who is looking forward to running a summer trail series, including 7- and 15-milers. The Kingsport, TN mom of a 4-year-old and 2-year-old she affectionately calls Bean and Monkey, respectively, also is searching for a flat, fast 5K “to continue my quest for a sub-20-minute race.”

Best recent run: 2013 Richmond Marathon, 3:31, PR and Boston Qualifier!

The Bachelor or Game of Thrones: Neither. But I’m addicted to The Voice. Adam Levine? Yes, please.

Biggest complaint about running: None. After coming back from a recent layoff, I’m savoring every single run!

Foam roll or stretch? Stretch…

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Sunshine on Sauconys: my current collection of Guides (Guide 6 flanked by Guide 7s)

Hump Day Giveaway: Winner’s Choice of Saucony Running Shoes

My mother often laments, “No matter how many shoes I own, I never own the right pair.”

What she means: She doesn’t have the perfect black pair of heels to coordinate with the dress she’s wearing to my cousin’s wedding and the rehearsal dinner. Or the ideal pair of brown comfort shoes to carry her comfortably on walks by Lake Michigan  and stylishly into Chicago restaurants while on vacation.

Thankfully, I didn’t inherit this problem from my mother–at least when it comes to running shoes. The Saucony Guide series feels tailored made precisely for me and my needs. The toebox is wide enough so my curled-up little toe isn’t crunched, yet my scrawny heel is held snugly in place…

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AMR Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit, Episode 2: IT Band Syndrome

AMR Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit, Episode 2: IT Band Syndrome

In our first installment of the AMR Traveling TriggerPoint Ultimate 6 Kit, we tackled Plantar Fasciitis. In this round, Denise Dollar, a 46-year-old mother runner with two kids, gets some relief for her Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS). 

What IT Band Syndrome is: ITBS is a running-induced injury that is best described as pain in the outside of the knee. Not a muscle, but rather thick fascia, the Iliotibial Band extends from the outside of the hip to below the knee, and as such, it’s a vital player in the functioning of those of those joints. The IT Band helps flex, extend, and stabilize your knee during foot strike, and those responsibilities, combined with continual rubbing across the across the bottom corner of your femur, can cause it to become inflamed…

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Back to Boston—and Kathrine Switzer Books Winners

Back to Boston—and Kathrine Switzer Books Winners

Back in the day, I never wanted to run the Boston Marathon.

In 2012, Sarah covered 26.2 in Boston crazy heat, and had one of the best days of her life.

In 2013, we were all undone by the bombings—and the attack we felt so personally on our sport.

And now?

Truthfully, it’s hard to say something that hasn’t been said about the race that will be run today.

We’ll be cheering my guts out for hometown fave Shalene Flanagan; watch this 60 Minutes interview if you haven’t seen it yet.

We”ll also be cheering my guts out for all the mother runners—Michelle, Cleary, Laurie, Stephanie, Lois, Jenny, among others—taking on the marathon, and wishing the live coverage didn’t end with the elite runners…

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The Portland gals after the show: Santha, Sarah, and Dana (l-to-r)

#106: Two Friends + Boston Marathon 2014

With Dimity on Skype, Sarah is joined in the studio by Dana Sullivan and Santha Cassell, two longtime BRFs (best running friends) who both ran the 2013 Boston Marathon. These Portland moms talk about the journey—months of hard training and several marathon attempts spread out over a few years—that lead them to the Hopkinton, MA, starting line. Then they share their experiences on April 15, 2013. (Spoiler alerts: Neither Santha nor Dana reached the finish line and neither were injured in the blasts.) The four mother runners dive into Dana’s decision to return to run this year’s Boston Marathon—and why, mid-training-cycle, Santha decided against it…


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