Last week, my best friend, Chalkley, was visiting from the East Coast. On a brisk, overcast morning, I ran while she headed out for a walk. When I returned, I was eager to chat with her, but first I had to dash upstairs to quickly change out of my sweaty workout clothes into something dry and cuddly. As I detailed my plan, Chalkley immediately said, “Oh, I get it: I’m feeling hygge in this fleece and drinking a mug of tea!” (Gotta love a BFF who tosses around Danish words with aplomb!) 

Sure, a hot shower is ideal, yet not always an option post-workout—breakfasts need to be eaten, carpools need to be driven, kids’ sports need to be watched, gab-sessions need to be gabbed! So we asked our BAMRbassadors what they put on after a run to make them feel cozy. Or, to quote Chalkley: hygge.

Check out their cozy gear!

“I love, love, love putting on my Vuori pants after workouts. They feel like butter, and the fabric stretch is perfect—not too tight, not too loose. They are simply the most comfortable joggers!”

“I adore my Big Blanket Hideout Hoodie! It’s sherpa lined, goes down to my knees, and has thumbholes. Sometimes after a winter run, even post-shower, my body temperature needs a little help getting back to normal, and this hoodie is the perfect way to chase off the chill. Not to mention it turns me into a welcoming, cushy bed for the 5-year-old (gotta get those snuggles in before he’s too cool for Mom).” —Jackie

“My favorite cuddly, cozy post-workout gear is from Oiselle, like my favorite track pants, Flyout Long Sleeve, and fleece vest. The materials are silky and buttery; the fit is appropriately loose and snugly; and they are warm and stylish without being constricting. The shirt’s thumbholes help keep me warm in the cool Minnesota winters, and the side zippers on the track pant legs make it easy to get them on and off.” —Lorinda

“I pair one of my several AMR sweatshirts with baggy sweatpants from my daughter’s cross-ountry team. I call them my ‘sexy sweatpants,’ and I am sure my husband does, too. I bring them to the track to stay comfy during warm-ups and the ride home. And the AMR hoodies allow me to subtly display my passion for running: Running is such a part of me, and I wish my whole wardrobe let me display that (envision the ‘L’ from ‘Laverne & Shirley’)! —Kara

“My favorite comfy item after a long run or a race are my soft, supportive OOFOS recovery sandals. It feels like they’re cradling my toes, supporting my arches, and cushioning my heels, all at the same time. I bought them while training for my last Chicago Marathon, and walking from my hotel to dinner after the race was the first time I wore them. What a great gift to myself—now I’m eyeing their new insulated mules!” —Karen

“My comfy/cozy item is a bit off the wall: They’re the sweatpants I got my junior year of high school. (That’s, ahem, 22 years ago) Think of them as a runner’s version of a baby-blanket….or a mascot.They’ve been to every.single.running.event. from high school cross-country on, and I couldn’t imagine a big race without them as part of my kit. They’re (very) worn in, and I can slip them over shorts, running shoes, or OOFOS. They’re warm enough to keep the post-run clamminess off before a shower, and snuggly enough to wear once I’m all clean and warm. I also get a kick out of the fact that my maiden name is ridiculously long, so it goes down my entire leg. These sweats make me smile, and they’ll be with me until they literally disintegrate!” —Kelyn

“My favorite post-run cozy item during the cooler months are my fuzzy slipper socks from Sock It To Me! They’re incredibly soft and comfy, and they have non-slip silicone grippers on the bottom, so I can confidently walk around the house in them without worrying about sliding on our hardwood floors. They also work well in hotel rooms when I don’t want to pack extra shoes, but also don’t want to walk around barefoot. I have a lovely friend who buys me a pair every year, so I have many fun options to choose from!” —Brooke

“I ran 13.4 cold, slow miles this morning, and all I could think about was stopping for a hot decaf coffee, taking a warm shower and snuggling in my favorites to watch the Olympic Marathon Trials. I love the Vuori Performance Joggers because they sell a long version and the DreamKnit fabric is super soft. I pair them with this Sarah Marie Designs sweatshirt from a few years ago but it’s still soft inside. With its blingy gold ‘Marathoner,’ it reminds me I have done hard things as a runner.” —Penny [who is closing in on running a marathon in every state!]

“As a 22-year veteran of working remotely, I have grown rather fond of robes. For my 50th birthday, at a socially distanced party held in a garage on a cold Chicago night in October 2020, my triathlon and running friends gave me the coziest robe ever with ‘Tri-Queen’ embroidered on it. Since then, I put on this robe after every post-run shower. If I’m rushed, I just take off my sweaty clothes, sponge bath, and go straight to robe-life. This robe is so remarkable I’ve considered buying myself a second one so I don’t have to wait for laundry.”