Why do just one sport when you can do many? That’s what Jennifer Strong McConachie questions in her new book, Go Multisport. A mom of two from Wichita, Kansas, Jennifer shares that there’s more to endurance sports than simply marathons and Ironman triathlons, and she wants you to choose your own adventure when it comes to your next endurance outing. In the book, McConachie shares how to get into the arena and even create a multisport event on your own terms. Hosts Dimity, Sarah WF, and Jennifer chat about…

  • The various definitions of multisport (hint: It involves more than just swimming, biking, and running!);
  • Breaking down the gear needed to go multisport, plus tips on making it affordable; 
  • Ways to make multisport accessible for everyone, and how to share the experience with your family.
  • The epic way she celebrated a recent birthday…and more!

Listen today, then let us know how you multisport!

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