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PROGRAM DATES: Rolling admission. Your program begins the Monday after you register.
BEST FOR: Anybody interested in running + need accountability, momentum, and help getting started!
PREREQS: The ability to walk for 10 minutes.

Maybe you’ve seen women out running as the sun rises, and wondered how they find the motivation and time.

Maybe you’ve started running on your own, but got frustrated, overwhelmed, or injured.

Maybe you’ve memories of middle school gym class swirling in your head, convincing you could never be a runner.

We’re here to help you Become a Runner. Yes, you. You’re not too slow, unfit, old, incapable, _________ (fill in the blank with some derogatory adjective).

With the proper training, tools, and support, you can truly become a confident, consistent runner.



The Details

Become a Runner, an 8-week program, includes a variety of doable workouts to give you the tools and confidence necessary to become a confident, consistent runner. You’ll start with a run/walk pattern of 60 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking, and work your way up to 30 minutes of consistent running.

BIGGEST WEEK OF TRAINING: Week 8 has a total of two combined hours of run/walk, including your 30-minute finale. That week also includes one get moving session—your choice of exercise—for 30 minutes.

LONGEST RUN DISTANCE: By the end of the program, you will run for 30 minutes straight.

WEEKLY OVERVIEW: Three runs and one get moving session (your choice of activity). The schedule is very flexible, so you can set it up how it best works for your life.


Coaches Mandy Cherry and Jen Steele, two compassionate coaches who have led hundreds of women in their journeys to become runners, will be with you every step. They’ll advise you on proper effort; on how to warm-up effectively; on how to get over hills (both virtual and IRL). In short, they’ll help you take things workout by workout (and sometimes minute by minute).

With their hands-on guidance, you’ll be able to run for 30 minutes at the end of this eight-week program—and, more importantly, you’ll have the habits, knowledge, and motivation to continue to run.

You will have access to direct contact with Coaches Jen + Mandy both via our weekly Ask the Coach post in our Facebook group and during most months, they will offer monthly group Zoom meetings. In addition, we pop in via email weekly with a helpful newsletter that provides tips and guidance to help you on your running journey.

You’ll also be invited to join a private Become a Runner club on Strava, where you can track your trail miles, and a private Become a Runner Facebook page, where you’ll quickly find an army of (funny, empathetic, inspiring) #motherrunner teammates. You’ll share stories of good runs and bad, cheer each other on, and push each other out the door. Momentum comes from teamwork, and these programs roll on some serious #motherrunner momentum.

We’ll have meetings monthly so you have the opportunity to chat directly with Coaches Mandy and Jen and your teammates twice during the eight-week program. In addition, we pop in via email weekly with a helpful newsletter and have a weekly Q+A with your coaches on your private Facebook page.

As part of your registration, you will receive a package stocked with training essentials, including a tube of Nuun Sport; two GU Energy items (an Energy Gel and GU Chews); a pair of blister-banishing Wrightsock running socks; a 2-oz. bottle of Sweat X Odor Eliminator spray; a Kate’s Real Food bar; and an AMR sticker for your water bottle or laptop. $32 worth of swag!

(Domestic shipping is FREE for all merchandise and training swag packages. International shipping is not currently available but we invite you to participate in any of our online programs! Just email us at and we will help you bypass the shipping at checkout.)


Coaches Mandy Cherry and Jen Steele, two RRCA-certified running coaches who have helped hundreds of women across the country become runners. “Running has changed my whole outlook on exercise and my body,” says Mandy, who lives in Ohio, “I am passionate about helping women find that too.” Coach Jen, a California resident, adds, “I love helping new runners find their love of running. Running can be a source of  joy and accomplishment!”

Hear Coaches Mandy and Jen talk about their backgrounds + the program on the AMR Podcast: Become a Runner on May 28, 2021. (Find it by searching for Another Mother Runner podcast on major pod channels).

This eight-week program is on rolling admission, which means your program begins the Monday after you register. You will receive an introductory email shortly after you register, and then you will receive your Week 1 newsletter on Sunday. You will begin your program the following day, Monday.

None. This program is designed for beginning runners. The workouts are a blend of running and walking; you’ll walk more than run during the initial weeks, and as you get stronger and more fit, you’ll run more than walk. (And if you need to adjust your run/walk ratio during a workout, totally fine!)


Right now, you just need two things:

  • Running shoes, which we encourage you to have fitted at your local running store.
  • A running bra, which you can get at the running shop, online, or at Target.

Within a week of your registration, we will ship out domestic swag packages, including your limited-edition Runner tee. Shipping is included in your registration fee.

We are no longer able to ship internationally, including to Canada. That said, we invite all international runners to participate in any of our online programs! Just email us at and we will help you bypass the shipping at checkout.

Because Become a Runner is thoughtfully structured, you’ll be able to follow the program on your own. Print out the program documents and weekly emails;  even if you fall a week behind, you can catch your breath and then jump back in when you’re ready.

We will be unable to issue refunds or do-overs for Become a Runner, but if you miss a week, the materials are there for reference and you can access your coach during the program to help you get back on track!


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1 review for Become a Runner

  1. Kelley Camp (verified owner)

    I can’t recommend this program enough!! I’ve been out of running for several years and am just getting started again after having kids. I’m completely starting over. I’ve had so many starts and stops trying to get going again that I don’t even want to think about it. The program is great, but where this program shines is the sheer level of support and accountability you get! The coaches are so encouraging and supportive and check in regularly to see how you’re doing. They’ve really got your back! I wouldn’t have made it very far without them, but even in my hilly, humid environment, I am running! And running often! And for distances I haven’t seen in YEARS! If you’re thinking about joining, do it. The coaches are will you every step of the waY!

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