Love the Run: Spring 2023

This spring, take a road trip of the best kind.

Instead of a cramped car filled with endless “Are we there yet?” queries, this trip has plenty of space to stretch your legs and friends who (also) love to sing at the top of their lungs.

We’re going to (virtually) travel from Loveland, Colorado to Loveland, Ohio over the course of 10 weeks. Along the way, we’ll bask in the energy, community, and structure that our Love the Run program brings to both our running and our lives. (Plus, we’ve packed great playlists and delicious snacks!)

We offer three levels of time goal groups you can join: 30 minutes/5-6 days a week; 45 minutes/5-6 days a week; or 60 minutes/5-6 days a week. All kinds of activity, from a yoga session to a brisk treadmill walk to hill repeats on the road, count towards your minutes of movement.

Whether you’re a getting-back-to it runner, a Peloton fanatic, a half-marathoner in training, or a hiker, you’ll travel at a pace that works for you doing activities that you love—and thrive along the way.

We’re pretty sure this is one road trip you won’t want to end.

Program runs February 27-May 7, 2023.

To register, select size of Love tank and Wrightsock socks.

From: $99.00

Love the Run Tank

Perfect for workouts or errands, this tank is a poly/cotton/rayon blend. More details.

Sizes S-XL; size chart.

Wrightsock Run Luxe Single Layer Tab

Choose between medium (women's size 6.5-9) and large (women's size 9-11).

Love the Run Hoody

This lightweight hoody is perfect for spring + summer outings. More details.

Sizes XS-2XL; size chart.

Love the Run Hat

The sass of a trucker, yet the athletic practicality of a running hat. More details.

The Details


Love the Run puts us on the map, taking a (virtual) 1,800-mile road trip; we’ll travel from Loveland, CO to Loveland, OH. Each mile corresponds to a minute of movement, so a 60-minute run counts as 60 miles. (Our kind of math!) You can choose if you want to finish in Ohio, or turn back for a point-to-point challenge.


The Spring 2023 Love the Run swag includes an exclusive heathered tank with our Love the Run logo; a pair of Wrightsocks Run Luxe Single Layer Tab; a sleeve of GU Energy Chews; a GU Stroopwafel; a sample of SweatX Laundry Detergent; a bottle Nuun Sport hydration tabs; a box of ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs; and an adorable Love the Run bumper sticker. (Over $45 worth of swag!)


The three-level, 10-week program (February 27-May 7) is designed to help every level of runner, walker, and athlete meet her weekly time goal. Each track receives a variety of runs, walks, cross-training sessions, and strength circuits, so you’ll stay engaged and motivated!


Each week, one of our fantastic, knowledgeable Train Like a Mother coaches will drop into the private Facebook page to answer any questions you have about your running, fitness, injuries, and goals. The Ask the Coach column is a highlight: You’ll gain insight and knowledge reading it, even if you don’t ask a thing!


Over 10 weeks, you’ll move for 1,800, 2,700, or 3,600 minutes—or 30, 45, or 60 minutes/6 days week. You can run, walk, elliptical, swim, strength train–the options are endless. The AMR Tracker records your daily minutes, and you’ll also receive a PDF to mark your own progress.


We can’t create—or condone—a program that doesn’t have a handful of unique contests, runs that emphasize joy, and other ways to nurture your love of the run. Of course, none of the contests focus on speed or distance: They’re all about loving the run + fun.



Your registration includes includes a limited-edition heathered tank with our Love the Run logo; a pair of Wrightsock Run Luxe Single Layer Tab socks; a sleeve of GU Energy Chews; a GU Stroopwafel; a sample of SweatX Laundry Detergent; a bottle Nuun Sport hydration tabs; a box of ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs; and an adorable Love the Run bumper sticker to commemorate our road trip together. (Over $45 worth of swag!)



Depending on what training track/time goal you choose, you’ll run or run/walk three to five times a week, strength- or cross-train once or twice, and have at least one weekly rest day. All workouts are given in minutes so you can easily track your progress.

During the program, run/walks include variety of
 easy efforts, long runs, intervals, tempos, and hill repeats. You’ll also be given four 15-minute strength routines to follow for strength training.

Here’s a sample week; the workouts are explained fully in the program.

Absolutely! Walking is great. You can either follow our workouts for your weekly time goals or go DIY—the choice is yours.

Absolutely! We want you to stay on the training program so you have your best race possible AND we’d love for you to join us in Love the Run. You can track your weekly minutes, ride the wave of community momentum, and participate in all the fun weekend contests.

The weekly time goals are 180 minutes, 240 minutes, and 360 minutes, so you can pick the goal that most aligns with your training program. (If you go over in time, no worries! You likely will if you’re training for a half-marathon, marathon, or ultra.)

Every minute of movement counts as one mile in this program, so you’re covering distance whether you’re on a yoga mat or an outdoor bike ride.

Nearly all movement qualifies as cross-training: riding a Peloton bike for 45 minutes (= 45 miles); taking an hour yoga class (= 60 miles); one of the 15-minute Love your Strong videos, provided with registration (= 15 miles). Pretty much any activity that requires a sports bra can apply toward your time goal.

In fact, you can participate in Love the Run by only cross-training or mixing up cross-training with walking. (We should really call this program Love the Movement, but that’s a little clunky…)

Yep! At the start of Love the Run, you’ll pick your individual time goal for the next 10 weeks.

OH Track: 30 minutes of movement/6 days a week
—Over 10 weeks, you’ll complete 1,800 minutes; you’ll “travel” 1,800 miles from Loveland, CO to Loveland, OH.

OK Track: 45 minutes of movement/6 days a week
Over 10 weeks, you’ll complete 2,400 minutes; you’ll “travel” 2,400 miles from Loveland, CO to Loveland, OH to Love County, OK.

CO Track: 60 minutes of movement/6 days a week
Over 10 weeks, you’ll complete 3,600 minutes; you’ll “travel” 3,600 miles from Loveland, CO to Loveland, OH to Loveland, CO.

As you complete your minutes, you’ll log them in the AMR tracker and/or the program PDF.

Absolutely. At any point in the program, you can easily change groups. Your previous weekly time will still be recorded.

We’ll come to your house and run with you until you meet it! (Kidding, although it would be fun to run IRL together.)

There are no repercussions for not meeting your goal. We absolutely realize that life/offspring/work/empty fridges can easily thwart your plans. Do your best to stay on track. And if missing your weekly goal doesn’t sit well with you, you can always add on bits and pieces to upcoming workouts by doing strength or stretching post-run.

And at any point in the program, if the track you chose seems beyond your reach, you can scale back to a different track.

While the program officially kicks off Monday, February 27, you are totally fine if you join a week or two late. (See above: What happens if I don’t make my weekly or total goal?)

Lucky you: You’ve got two training programs! You can pick a time goal that feels good to you and follow either program—or mix and match!

You can do the full Love the Run program with no extra equipment besides your running gear and your body. That said, here are a few extras to consider if you’d like:

Cross Training: If you have a bike or a piece of cardio equipment at the gym or home you like, you
 can use that for cross-training, but you can also walk or hike outside for cross-training.

Love the Strength: We will use 10-15 pound dumbbells in one of the four provided 15-minute strength routines and a heavy resistance band in another, and two of them will be equipment free.  We have linked to recommended products in Amazon, or you can easily find these at a local store.

Yes, the Wrightsock Run Luxe Single Layer Tab is available in sizes M (women’s shoe size 6-8.5) and L (women’s shoe size 9-11). Pick your size at checkout.

The registration fee includes all the Love the Run: Spring 2023 swag. The Love hoody + hat, however, cost extra; they will ship for free domestically with your swag.

If you order a hoody or hat, your package containing both swag + hoody will ship in early March—just in time for spring temps!

Packages will ship in mid-March.

Yes: Domestic shipping is included in the registration fee.

Due to myriad ongoing postal issues, we are no longer able to ship orders to countries other than the U.S. If you live elsewhere, we’d still love to have you join us at a reduced price. International customers: Please email us, and we’ll get you set up!


A relaxed body and low-cut armholes give this tank a modern twist on a throwback silhouette.

  • 50 poly/25 cotton/25 rayon
  • Double-needle stitching at armholes
  • Side seamed
  • Tear-away label

Available in women’s sizes XS-4XL. Size chart.

Introducing the new Run Luxe! A single-layer performance sock with a luxurious feel! This sock is perfect for walkers and runners who want a bit more cushion in a single layer sock.

Features include:

  • Single Layer
  • Seamless Toe
  • Anatomical heel pocket
  • Ventilated mesh top for improved breathability
  • Made from post-consumer recycled plastics

Yes. They are available in sizes M (women’s size 6-9) and L (women’s size 9-11). Pick your size at checkout.

Additional information


X-Small, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X

Love the Run Tank



Wrightsock Run Luxe Single Layer Tab


Medium, Large

Love the Run Hoody


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Love the Run Hat


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