The high desert of central Oregon is truly spectacular: miles of tawny landscape covered in junipers, sagebrush, and Ponderosa pine trees punctuated by snow-topped volcanic peaks. In the center of it all is Redmond, the home base for our newest adventure-filled Retreat!

We are taking over our host hotel: If all goes according to plan, we Retreaters will be the only guests staying at the property. In addition, we’ll have loads of new adventures, including covering plenty of miles on the amazing trails at nearby Smith Rock State Park.

Whether you want to learn from Train Like a Mother Club coaches and other experts; hike and/or run with Dimity and Sarah; hang out on the hotel’s magnificent rooftop deck; enjoy a yoga session or two; be part of a podcast recording; croon karaoke at the farewell dinner; or befriend other BAMRs (bad*ss mother runners), you will be delighted by the extended-weekend offerings.

Join a bevy of BAMRs for this 4-day, 3-night Run + Refresh Retreat in Central Oregon, Friday, June 9 – Monday, June 12, 2023. (Please note: We are limited to 62 attendees instead of our usual 70. We expect this Retreat to sell out quickly.) 

THE Location

Central Oregon is a breathtaking place—and not because it’s 3,077′ above sea level! It’s the sweeping vistas of high desert terrain leading your eye to distant snow-covered volcanic peaks. Redmond, our home base for exploring this remarkable landscape, serves up a vibrant downtown, great restaurants, and craft beer.

Outdoor adventure is the name of the game in Redmond: Running north to south through much of the city is the Dry Canyon, with a paved running trails that’ll welcome us for morning runs.

The top nearby attraction is Smith Rock State Park; one of Oregon’s seven wonders, the park is a quick drive from downtown Redmond. At the park, rock spires soar into the blue sky and a deep river canyon provides unforgettable views. Dimity is counting down the days until she can lead a hike or two there!

THE Hotel

The SCP Redmond Hotel captivated Sarah from the moment she stepped into the hotel’s mod-yet-welcoming lobby. We’re planning a complete take-over of the hotel, meaning we’ll be the only guests! (We’re thinking of pitching a reality show called “Mother Runner Crib!”)

Situated on a charming, pedestrian-friendly downtown Redmond street, the SCP is a historic gem recently renovated into a stylish, modern hotel. Its four stories, topped by The Rooftop bar, includes 49 guest rooms and suites featuring warm wood, crisp serene whites, and earth tones that bring the natural beauty of Oregon inside. SCP is near stunning Smith Rock State Park and a half-hour from Bend, Oregon.

THE Race

Our aim with this summertime Retreat is to make it unlike any other AMR Retreat: Instead of participating in a structured race, we are creating our own adventures! We’ll take morning runs on Dry Canyon Trail, which winds its way through the high desert landscape less than a mile from our host hotel. At least once, we’ll hike and/or trail run in nearby Smith Rock State Park: Prepare to have your mind blown by its raw, dramatic beauty!

Other potential activities: getting pickleball instruction from a pro player (!) at beautiful courts that are walking distance from our hotel or getting our downward dog on at a local yoga studio. The possibilities are endless—and we guarantee you’ll enjoy them all!

THE Parties

Our welcome reception will be held on The Rooftop, the restaurant/bar on top of our host hotel. We’ll be greeted by awe-inspiring panoramic views of the distant Cascade Range and plenty of laughter with new friends. To kick off the summer camp feel of this Retreat, Dimity will lead a fun and engaging icebreaker or two.

Our traditional final-night celebratory dinner will be held at SCP’s signature restaurant Terra Kitchen, which serves plant-forward cuisine featuring fresh ingredients sourced from local farms, the region’s land and streams, as well as SCP’s very own rooftop garden. Our renowned, always-epic karaoke will happen in the hotel’s Studio, so you won’t have to travel far to climb into bed.

In between, you’ll be treated to delicious meals that will nourish you for the entire extended weekend.

THE Extras

Redmond and its surrounding environs are the ideal blend of city and nature: Browse downtown boutiques and a cupcake cafe for souvenirs and treats. Numerous craft breweries and food carts beckon, especially as it stays light in June until nearly 10 p.m.! We’re still planning our outdoor activities because there are so many to choose from, including canoeing, hiking, playing pickleball, and more. Hiking at Smith Rock State Park will be the crowning glory of our athletic pursuits.

We might also plan a side trip to Bend, a half-hour away, and the fascinating High Desert Museum. There are so many choices, we’re having a tough time narrowing them down. Suffice it to say: This Retreat will be a once-in-a-mother-runner-lifetime adventure!

  • women's running retreat
  • women's running retreat
  • women's running retreat

THE Schedule

The final schedule will be available about six weeks before the Retreat, but know that it will include many of the fun things we have done in the past, plus several first-time activities (see: hiking at Smith Rock!), group runs, strength classes, expert-led sessions, one-on-one advice sessions, podcast recording party, karaoke, and many more ways to experience all that an AMR Retreat has to offer. Above all else, it’s an escape from daily life with friends, old and new!

Check out the 2022 Hilton Head Retreat schedule and to get a sense of how a weekend (and fun!) flows. (That said, please remember we will not be participating in an organized race this weekend.)

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The Retreat is Friday, June 9 to Monday, June 12, 2023.

Redmond, a welcoming small city in stunningly beautiful Central Oregon. Fly into Redmond’s Municipal Airport (airport code: RDM), Central Oregon’s only commercial airport; the airport is approximately two miles from our host property, the SCP Redmond Hotel in downtown Redmond. 

Yes, for the first time on any of our products, we now offer Affirm Pay over time option on our Retreats. During Checkout, below where you enter your credit card, click Affirm and you can choose your option–4 equal payments spread out every two weeks for no fee or interest, or a longer payment option that charges fees (that Affirm keeps–not us!).

$287/night for a king; $269/night a queen; $320/night for a family suite. Those rates include the Guest Amenity Fee, which includes high-speed WiFi, a complimentary welcome draft beer, cider, or kombucha, and more. Each modern, airy room has a new, comfortable convertible sofa bed, making it easy to share a room.

If you want to find a roommate to save money on accommodations, you can post on the Retreat’s private Facebook page you’ll get invited to once you register. Loads of ladies find roomiest that way!

Thank you for asking! No, we have done away with the vaccination requirement at our Retreats now that COVID is moving into an endemic, rather than a pandemic.

Newbies to ultra-marathoners are all welcome. In order to get the most out of the Retreat, it will be helpful if you can cover 3 miles in run/walk intervals, regardless of pace. Reminder: There is no race at this Retreat.

Check out the complete schedule of our 2022 Hilton Head Retreat in a nifty PDF for a sense of the flow of one of our Retreats, with the caveat/reminder: There is no race at this Central Oregon Retreat. We’ll have the schedule finalized about six weeks prior to the Retreat. In the meantime, here’s a tentative rundown:

We’ll kick things off Friday afternoon with an educational session. We’ve invited a special guest to talk to us after that–waiting to back from her. Then there’s an evening welcome party, complete with a get-acquainted icebreaker (Dim always organizes great ones!). We’ll record a podcast this evening, as well. On Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning, there are optional 1:1 sessions attendees can sign up for to talk privately with Dimity, and Sarah.

Saturday morning will start with a shake-out run and a tasty breakfast (the first of several for the weekend), followed by educational sessions with experts who get the mother running lifestyle and concerns. Saturday afternoon will feature a relaxing yoga session; we’re also talking with a pickleball pro (!) to give group lessons at lovely courts that are walking distance from our host hotel. We are looking into a group canoe adventure that would culminate with dinner under the stars!

Sunday morning will be spent at Smith Rock State Park, either hiking or trail running. Dimity will lead the most gung-ho gals on an 8-mile hike, while Sarah will opt for a shorter route. Lunch is on  your own. There might be a second group yoga session in the afternoon. We hope to have licensed massage therapists provide massages Sunday afternoon. (For an extra cost.) Our farewell dinner (and karaoke) will happen at our host hotel. Monday morning we’ll wrap up our weekend with a run,  breakfast, and good-byes.

Whether you cover a mile in 14 minutes or half that time, your running—and your life—will benefit greatly by the experts we assemble for the weekend.

Absolutely: You’ll leave with a bunch of BRFs from around the country (and possibly the globe) who will virtually cheer you on through miles on Dry Canyon Trail and in Smith Rock State Park, whether you opt to run, walk, or hike.

Along with the aforementioned BRFs (because you can never have too many!), you’ll learn from sessions led by running and self-care experts. You’ll experience trail running (if you so choose) in the stunning Smith Rock State Park or maybe slow your roll to a hike. The choice is yours!

Not at all (and thanks for asking!): All women runners are welcome. Nothing mother-specific about the Retreat (except for the name of our brand!). At each of our Retreats, we’ve had attendees who aren’t moms–and moms of older offspring who attend with a grown daughter. We welcome all!

You mean other than being away from laundry-duties, having cooked food magically appear, and a bed all to yourself? All activities at the Retreat are optional–no judgment if you want to sleep until 10:00 (or stay up past midnight!), windowshop the local boutiques, taste-test all the local craft beers, or knit in your room. (With your door open since we’ll have run of the hotel!) We are also looking into having certified, vetted massage therapists give 50-minute massages on Sunday afternoon so you can set up an unwind session. (Not included in price of Retreat.)

Our host hotel has a pleasant, tranquil meditation room, as well.

On Saturday and Monday mornings, when some Retreaters do a group run, Dimity always offers a strength session bookended by a warm-up/cool-down walk. We’ll offer one, possibly two, group yoga sessions during the weekend. We are talking to a pickleball pro to give group lessons at nearby courts. Our host hotel has Peloton bikes, TRX, yoga mats, weights, and more. A separate space for meditation is also available.

Most definitely: We welcome locals and out-of-towners alike with open arms! But know a big part of the Retreat experience comes from staying at the host hotel and being part of impromptu hangout sessions or drinks at and around our host hotel, SCP Redmond.

In summer 2022, we’ll provide a special booking number and webpage to book a room at special rates secured by AMR.

Um, do we sweat when we run? Yes, yes, yes, attend solo! We promise, you’ll have a coterie of running buddies within the first mile—or actually, the first hours. At previous Retreats, the majority of gals attended solo–but they weren’t alone.
And it always seems like it’s the self-proclaimed introverts who laugh the loudest when they dance and sing karaoke at our Retreats’ farewell parties!
That said, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy some much-needed quiet in your room, strolling downtown, or exploring all Central Oregon has to offer. If you attend solo but want to split cost of hotel room, the Retreat’s private Facebook page can help you find a roomie. Loads of previous Retreat attendees have gone this route–and come away with a new friend.

Yes: As soon as you register for the Retreat, you’ll get invited to private Facebook group. You can then post that you’re looking for a roomie; you should be able to find one pretty easily. Or, if you’re a get-it-done type of gal, book a room, then find a roommate. The order is up to you. (You’ll get hotel booking info in the same welcome email.)

Yes, we want to ensure everyone has a memorable, meaningful experience and the hotel has finite beds, so we have to limit the Retreat to 62 attendees.

Guided runs/hikes and strength workouts; yoga; all educational sessions + lessons; meals (breakfast on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday; lunch on Saturday; evening welcome reception on Friday; dinner on Saturday; celebratory dinner on Sunday); loaded swag bags; and entrance to Smith Rock State Park.

Travel to/from Redmond, Oregon, is not included, neither is lodging: You will book your choice of room at the the SCP Redmond Hotel separately. Laughter, camaraderie, and sweat: limitless—and free-flowing–all Retreat long.

If only our children were as good at following directions as you are! Yes, you are correct: Lodging is not included, so you need to make your own hotel reservations. Our host hotel is the welcomingly chic SCP Redmond Hotel, and we have negotiated great room rates, including getting the Guest Amenity Fee waived. (Room rates apply the Thursday night pre-Retreat, in case you want to fly in early.) All the educational sessions, all breakfasts, Friday dinner, and Sunday celebratory party will take place at the SCP Redmond Hotel.

As soon as you register, you’ll get an email with details on booking your hotel room. You’ll also be able to join the private Facebook page for Redmond Retreaters so you can ask about getting a roommate, if that is of interest.

You do not need a rental car as our hotel is two miles from Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM). If you choose to extend your stay in Central Oregon (such as visiting Bend) or Portland, you’d need a car.

The Retreat welcome is at 2 p.m. on Friday, June 9, so plan on being at the SCP Redmond Hotel, our host property, by that time, if possible. The hotel is less than a 10-minute drive from the airport (code: RDM).

Book a departing flight on Monday, June 12 at 11 a.m. PDT or later, if possible, so you can say your farewells. (And not have to cut short Sunday night partying!)

In the words of Minnesota-bred Dimity: You betcha! We want to keep some details secret, but you’ll definitely be swagged many of our favorites, including Nuun Hydration; GU Energy products; running socks; and many (many!) more. We also always present Retreaters with an exclusive welcome gift (past gifts have included a branded Vooray backpack, a custom BoCo running trucker, a custom Buff, and more).

And, as have become a signature at our Retreats, ShopGal Sarah will host a pop-up store of Another Mother Runner merch (tees, hats, sweatshirts, etc.) at Retreat sign-in. A great way to feel and try on all the goodies you eyeball in the Mother Runner Store—as well as a fun way to interact with other Retreaters. No pressure to buy, though!

In the unlikely event AMR is forced to cancel the event completely, guests can opt to transfer their registration to a future Another Mother Runner Retreat.

We know broken bones, pregnancies (!!), business trips, and the unexpected can happen in any woman’s life. That’s why we have cancellation terms with a mom’s schedule in mind:
250 days or more prior to the start of the Retreat, you receive: 100% full refund, minus $200 administrative fee, to original method of payment.

200-249 days or more prior to the start of the Retreat, you receive: 75% full refund to original method of payment.

151-199 days or more prior to the start of the Retreat, you receive: 65% full refund to original method of payment.

91-150 days prior to the start of the Retreat, you receive: 50% full refund to original method of payment.

76-90 days prior to the start of the Retreat, you receive: 25% refund to original method of payment.

0-75 days prior to the start of the Retreat: No refund will be given.