Another Mother Runner Podcast Recording Party
with Author + Ultrarunner Katie Arnold

Join Another Mother Runner for a podcast recording party with author and ultrarunner Katie Arnold, whose second book, Brief Flashings in the Phenomenal World, debuted in April. The party is at Portland Running Company in NW Portland, and the podcast hosts will be Sarah Bowen Shea and Molly Williams. This is a must-attend FREE event!

Katie Arnold is also the author of a well-received memoir, Running Home, published by Random House in 2019. She is a contributing editor and former managing editor at Outside magazine, where she worked on staff for 12 years and created the popular “Raising Rippers” column, about bringing up adventurous children outside. An elite ultrarunner, Katie is the 2018 women’s champion of Leadville Trail 100 Run. She holds course records and victories at every distance from 5K to 100 miles. Katie lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband and two teenaged daughters. Katie and Sarah are longtime friends, and they love catching up IRL, as evidenced by Katie’s 2019 appearance on the Another Mother Runner podcast.

Event Details:

  • Parking: Street parking
  • Light snacks and beverages will be provided
  • Katie’s new book + Another Mother Runner merch will be available for purchase
  • All guests will receive a swag bag at the conclusion of the event, filled with products from Another Mother Runner partners, including GU Energy Labs, Sweat X Sport Detergent, and Wrightsocks socks


  • 7:00 pm – Party kicks off
  • 7:30 pm – Podcast recording begins
  • 8:30-ish pm – Podcast recording ends
  • 9:00 pm – Event concludes


A Zen study wrapped in a memoir of destruction and healing written by an elite ultrarunner as she struggles to make it to the other side of a life-shattering injury with her sanity, and her marriage, intact

After flipping her raft days away from help on a trip down the remote Salmon River, Katie Arnold’s shattered leg tests both her spirit and her marriage for years to come. It also reignites her meditation practice and motivates her to dive into Zen in search of healing. Before the accident, Katie was an elite ultrarunner with a simmering but adequate marriage who avoided being indoors whenever possible. But who is she afterwards?

In the midst of hardship, Katie turns for support to the Zen practice she had long dabbled in. Brief Flashings in the Phenomenal World is a Zen study wrapped in a memoir that tells the story of a search for stillness by a woman born for wildness. Spanning roughly two years, from shortly before the accident through the long, uncertain healing of both leg and marriage, it is a personal narrative of that tumultuous time nested inside meditations on Zen.

Having gone from a reluctant spiritualist to a Zen practitioner over the course of a decade, Katie Arnold offers unique company for those seeking nature’s exquisite highs as well as for creatives, spiritualists, and sensualists who want to slow down and examine the possibilities of a well-lived life. As the late Japanese master Shunryu Suzuki wrote, “Sometimes a flashing will come through the dark sky.” These brief flashings are enlightenment—moments when we suddenly feel as if we’re part of everything, and everything’s part of us. This book is about how to experience the flashings when they come, and about what they mean for how we live our lives.