• This running hat is part of our GO collection, emblazoned with a colorful GO + our shoes logo on the front. It's a versatile graphite gray with a front panel in fun, bright shades of pink, blue, and orange—the same rainbow-esque coloring as the word GO. On the right side, it reads "another mother runner" in white. A fun surprise? The underside of the bill is bright pink. This hat is performance headwear designed by BoCo Gear: the Elite Hat model. Its 6-panel design, constructed in wicking woven polyester, and Velcro back closure provides a sure fit. We love this hat paired with our custom Knockaround sunglasses. (Model Brianna is wearing The Sarah style.)
  • Whether you swim to cross-train or you're eyeing a triathlon, we've got you (well, your hair!) covered with this super-cute swim cap! Made entirely of high-quality silicone, it is a can't-miss-you shade of fluorescent pink with pale pink swim fins + goggles in the squiggly style of our shoes logo scattered all over it. On both sides, it reads "another mother swimmer." (Tee-hee) 100% silicone. One size fits most.
  • PROGRAM DATES: Rolling admission. Your program begins the Monday after you register. BEST FOR: Women interested learning how to get more comfortable +  knowledgeable about cycling. PREREQS: You do need to know how to ride a bike, but you don’t need to be able to ride it far. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 8 Riding a bike is fairly simple, but cycling—riding a bike for a workout—can be a little more complex. Not only do you need to be able to handle your bike capably and use your gears smoothly, you also need to navigate traffic, climb efficiently, descend safely, and give enough effort so you feel like you've had a good workout. (And don't even get us started on changing a flat tire...) If you're interested in becoming a more capable cyclist and/or want to integrate cycling into your running routine, Become a Cyclist is the perfect program for you. Coaches Jennifer Harrison and Elizabeth Waterstraat will be virtually hanging out in the back pocket of your cycling jersey, teaching you all the best tips + tricks they know as well as answering any questions along the way. In addition, your teammates—like-minded women also getting their cycling legs underneath them—will be doing the exact same workouts as as you. In other words, you may be riding solo, but you're far from alone.
  • PROGRAM DATES: Rolling admission; the program starts the Monday after you register. BEST FOR: Runners looking to expand their training to the trails! PREREQS: You need to be a regular runner—at least 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week for at least six weeks–with no current injuries. The first week of training features a 50-minute run, as well as some hill repeats and a trail run. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 8

    When you’re running on dirt through trees, not on pavement through suburbia, your spirit has the opportunity to truly soar. With cars, buildings, and other distractions to a minimum, you breath in the fresh air, flow through nature, and connect with your surroundings—and yourself—on a more fundamental level.

    That said, running on trails can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. Taking your miles off-road means adjusting your effort and paces; getting your body and running form ready for uneven, sometimes jarring terrain; acquiring the correct gear for more advanced trails; and having the basic skills to feel strong so you can run with confidence on all trails.
  • BEST FOR: Runners who want to complete multiple events in one weekend. PREREQS: You’ve been running at least 30–45 minutes 3–4 days of the week for at least 8 weeks. You’re injury-free. You don’t need previous experience running by heart rate, but it is helpful if you have run a half-marathon at some point. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 24

    Disney Races are truly magical events. After all, where else can you start under fireworks, kiss Prince Charming, joke around with Phineas and Ferb, and Let It Go with Elsa, then cross a finish line and receive some serious bling?

    However, two to four finish lines over as many days will not be magical if you are not properly prepared. If you’re slogging through the miles and barely able to muster a smile—let alone a bicep curl—for a shot with Wreck-It-Ralph, your Dopey or Goofy extravaganza will be memorable. Just not for the right reasons. With this 24-week, hands-on program starting on July 24, 2023, we’ve got your back and are laying a white-glove-clad, oversize hand firmly on it. The training plan we’ve created emphasizes both muscular and cardiovascular endurance and time on your feet: keys you’ll need to run every mile with a smile. But it's not all about the running. We'll be sure you're fueling properly for all your long runs. We’ll make sure your hips and glutes, typically the weak spots for most runners, are rock solid. We’ll have some fun too, brainstorming costume ideas and ideas. We'll entertain and educate you with podcasts and newsletters, and, of course, hit race strategies so that you not only enjoy your Dopey or Goofy Challenge, you’ll nearly fly during each mile. The end result? You feel primed and totally ready to run either challenge: The Dopey: 5K, then a 10K, then a half-marathon, then a marathon or the Goofy: a half-marathon then a marathon—no pixie dust required. Save
    • *Race Date

      Step One: Select your race date:

      If you don’t know your race date yet, please select a date that you estimate will be close to your race date. When you solidify it, let us know and we can change it.

      Training Date

      Step Two: Your training will begin on:

      Mark this date in your calendar as your official start date! (If your program has already started, no worries; email us and we’ll help you jump in.)

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  • As women, we know there's only one way to go: forward. Alas, often at a nonstop pace. This tee, with its three runners going to-and-fro in almost yin-yang circle, sums up that can-do, keep-going approach to life. It has a gracious women's cut and is in sizes XS to 3XL. Size Chart
  • This high-quality vinyl sticker sticker tells everyone, in a subtle way, that you're a badass mother runner. And, when your resolve or motivation is flagging, it'll remind YOU that you are a BAMR! Vibrant colors. Measures 4" x 1.93"
  • This high-quality vinyl sticker is beautiful in its simplicity, proclaiming you're a mother runner in vibrant colors and accented by our shoes logo. Perfect for use on a water bottle, laptop, on your treadmill, etc. Measures 3" x 1.34" FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ALL STICKERS!
  • Part of our 6-Word Stories Collection, this lifestyle tee broadcasts your inner and outer strength for all to see—including you. It's been a perennial favorite in our Store since its genesis as a story that won a treadmill for a Pennsylvania mother runner several years ago! As with many of our tops, we offer this tee in sizes XS-4XL. Size Chart
  • Part of our 6-Word Stories Collection, this tale tugs are our hearts because it's so dang true: Somewhere in a run or race, running morphs from a physical activity to one that captures your spirit and soul. And when the going gets rough, sometimes it's that other "element" that carries you to the end. As with many of our tops, we offer this tee in sizes XS-4XL. Size Chart
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    Part of our 6-Word Stories Collection, this story speaks volumes: It hits at the very core of why we run. Its message resonated so strongly with us, we chose it as the winning phrase in our 2020 treadmill giveaway contest. Since we know it'll hit home with runners of all shapes and sizes, we offer this tee in XS-4XL. Size Chart
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    Part of our 6-Word Stories Collection, the phrase and imagery on this midweight hoody evokes the sense of freedom running provides. On the left arm, it reads, "My running shoes are actually wings." Over the left breast, our shoes logo has sprouted wings! Available in unisex sizes XS-3XL. Available in two colors: this black camo with aqua details, and a currant one with lavender words and logo. Size Chart
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