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    Cyclist Tee

    Cyclist: Need we say more? A bright purple statement on a soft heathered gray tee is the perfect way to tell everyone that being a BAMR is more than just running. This cozy shirt is offered in sizes XS-4XL. Size chart
  • BEST FOR: Beginner to intermediate triathletes who want the team spirit and extra features and perks of the Race Like a Mother Program PREREQS: The ability to swim 50 yards in a pool without touching the bottom or hanging on the edge. If you can’t do that but are intent on this plan, enrolling in an adult swim class and/or private lessons is a great idea. For the run and bike portions, being injury-free is necessary. DATES: May 1 - July 22, 2022 (12 weeks) RACE DETAILS: The Forge Triathlon, July 22, 2023 Race Like a Mother is an immersive program that brings out the best in you as an athlete—and incorporates a supportive, in-person team spirit. For twelve weeks, you'll train virtually with a group of like-minded triathletes for The Forge Triathlon, a race designed with beginners in mind. Then, in late July, you'll gather in Lemont, Illinois (<30 miles outside of Chicago) to swim/bike/run and complete a sprint triathlon with the widest smile ever on your face. Please note: In order to make this a successful program, we need a minimum of 25 athletes to register by April 27. If we do not meet our goal, we will offer a full refund. (More details in questions + answers below.)
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    This hat, a fabulous hybrid of a trucker hat with the athletic practicality of a running hat, complements our GO themed tank tops, tee, and hoodies. The front is a melange of bright blue, orange, and pink with the simple declarative GO in white, and our shoes logo stitched on it. The  perforated nylon side and back is bright bubblegum pink, sure to add a happy boost to any run or errand! This BoCo Gear creation is lightweight and wicks sweat as fast as you pump it out. We love this hat paired with our custom Knockaround sunglasses.
  • BEST FOR: Anybody who is looking to do an epic day hike: Yosemite's Half Dome, a Colorado 14'er (or 13'er!), The Enchantments, or a similar challenge. PREREQS: A regular exercise routine: you workout at least 4 times a week for 30-45 minutes. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 20

    Taking a day to head deep into Ma Nature–and away from the crowds—is always a day well spent.

    This 20-week program is built to so you can feel strong and capable on a day-long epic hike. In other words, on your target hike, you'll be so prepared, all you have to focus on is taking in the scenery and taking in calories regularly. The program's focus is not on speed, but rather on the endurance and strength necessary for day when you are out on a trail for 8-12 hours (or longer!). We've designed this program to work for all kinds of hikes from Yosemite's Half Dome to a Colorado 14'er to The Enchantments. In addition to plenty of climbing to build lower body strength + endurance during the weekdays, your longest training days will be a percentage of the elevation and mileage you'll cover on your epic hike day.
    • *Race Date

      Step One: Select your race date:

      If you don’t know your race date yet, please select a date that you estimate will be close to your race date. When you solidify it, let us know and we can change it.

      Training Date

      Step Two: Your training will begin on:

      Mark this date in your calendar as your official start date! (If your program has already started, no worries; email us and we’ll help you jump in.)

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  • This BoCo Gear hat is a hybrid called a "running trucker" with all the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat. This steel-gray one sports our  favorite phrase, badass mother runner, envisioned as “badass” tattoo’d on the knuckles of two powerful fists (plus our shoes logo, for good measure), with the words, “mother runner” underneath. In shades of seafoam green, pale sherbet orange, and white.  
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    Let us introduce you to the greatest hybrid hat ever! All the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat. Thus, the Running Trucker. This BoCo Gear creation is lightweight and wicks sweat as fast as you pump it out--and it exudes style. The front says "another mother runner" in an ombré-like reverse-fade that starts out a cool spearmint green and deepens to a rich teal. The words are encircled by the laces from our shoe logo at the bottom of them. All set against a go-with-everything gray background. On the white back mesh, the empowering phrase "stay strong" is embroidered in a lovely shade of mint green.
  • This white beauty reads RUNNER RUNNER in a rainbow of colors, meaning it goes with all your running outfits! It's a hybrid BoCo Gear hat called a "running trucker," with all the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat.  
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    BibBoards, the smarter way to hold a race bib securely in place without safety pins or magnets! This set of four is custom for us. Set of 4.
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    This hat is emblazoned with a large, embroidered version our shoes logo. The hat is a herringbone pattern of a lighter and a darker royal blue. Wear this hat running or wear it running errands: A running trucker has all the style and sass of a trucker, yet all the athletic practicality of a running hat.
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