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    Lifestyle Hoody

    Cozy French terry. Sizes XS-4XL; Size Chart
  • A 12-month group program that focuses on a different aspect of nutrition monthly. Designed with active females in mind, the topics range from protein to supplements to hydration. Perfect for learning or brushing up on the basics in a group environment. (More details.)
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    With thumbholes! Sizes XS-L + 4XL; Size Chart
  • [NOTE: This listing is for returning members to Many Happy Miles; fill this out ONLY if you are a previous member and will be returning for 2023. If you are new to Many Happy Miles, please head here to register.] So excited to have you join us for another year of Many Happy Miles; we've got such a fabulous year in store! To get registered, here's what you need to do: 1. Choose either a Many Happy Miles tumbler or a Many Happy Miles tech long sleeve from the drop down menu labeled "Many Happy Miles Membership Gift." This will be your FREE gift as a member for 2023. (You can also opt for "none" if you prefer to skip a gift.) 2. If you want both membership gifts, you can purchase the one you didn’t select as your free gift. 3. Know that you'll also receive a Many Happy Miles workout towel for being a returning member and members celebrating their fifth year will receive a Many Happy Miles Race-Ready Kit; they will be shipped with your membership gift and any additional merchandise you purchase. 4. Many Nutritious Miles is a new program for 2023. This program is a separate program from Many Happy Miles; it will have separate materials and private Facebook page. Many Happy Miles members receive an exclusive 20% savings on registration for Many Nutritious Miles. Some fine-ish print; please read carefully: The credit card on your AMR account will be charged $215 for your 2023 Many Happy Miles membership on the program renewal date of January 1, 2023. However, you will be charged immediately for any merchandise, beyond the free gift, that you order from this page. If you need to update your credit card before 1/1/23, please head to My Account < Subscriptions. If you cancel your membership before January 1, 2023, you will not be sent the free membership gift or any other gifts, and will lose access to your Many Happy Miles materials. We can offer a refund for accidental renewals from January 1-5, 2023. Refunds in that period will reflect a $15 deduction for administrative and credit card processing fees. After January 5, no refunds or credits can be granted.
    Please order your membership gift and purchase additional merchandise before January 6.
  • DATES: February 20-April 16, 2023 BEST FOR: Active women ready to have nutrition—and their bodies—work for them, not against them. NUMBER OF WEEKS: 8

    In a perfect world, you’d eat foods that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Food that keeps your legs running strong, your mind humming, your spirit soaring.

    In this imperfect world, you—if you’re like us—scarf down bars over the keyboard; skip meals because you’re spending hours behind the steering wheel; eat “meals” of leftovers and baby carrots, consumed over the sink, and washed down with wine; and crave sugar every day at precisely 2:15 pm sharp. Even though you know better, you can’t seem to make changes that stick. The combination of decision fatigue, lack of energy, sporadic sleep, and belly bloat has put you in a position of reactivity—and defeat. Led by Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, Simply Nourished Like a Mother is an innovative, eight-week program that serves up a foundational nutritional toolkit—the only one that you’ll need to spur lasting changes and a permanent transformation.

    You’ll learn to eat for energy, not because of emotions; you’ll understand how your body digests different macronutrients (and why you should eat food in a specific order); you’ll taste how food can be healthy, healing, easy, nourishing, and delightfully flavorful all at once.

    Ultimately, you’ll intimately experience the freedom of food as a form of daily medicine.

    Not only does this comprehensive program serve as the foundation for any further personalized support you may need, but it is also designed with you—a busy, multitasking, active woman—in mind.

  • Set against a rich purple background, the fuchsia heart has letters spelling out "RUN" in goldenrod-yellow, juicy orange, and bubblegum pink. A small version of our shoes logo in pale pink is nestled in the "R." The entire design is a bit distressed, adding to the vintage look. This tech tank, perfect for all your warm-weather + treadmill runs, is made from 100% sweat-wicking polyester. Sizes XS-4XL. Size Chart.
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