#101: Kathrine Switzer Reflects Back—and Talks Future Races

In the presence of a legend: Sarah with Kathrine Switzer in summer of 2012 at a local race in Connecticut.
In the presence of a legend: Sarah with Kathrine Switzer in summer of 2012 at a local race in Connecticut.

Sarah and Dimity are honored to welcome Kathrine Switzer to the podcast. As the first woman to run the venerable Boston Marathon with an official number, Kathrine changed the course of women’s running. Kathrine walks the mother runners through that epic 1967 Boston Marathon experience, calling it, “a series of coincidences that couldn’t possibly repeat,” and “an awakening” for herself at age 20. She shares her vision for future races she’d like to see in the Olympic Games—such as relay races, “that combine men’s unique capabilities with women’s.” Kathrine also talks about the work she’s doing to reach out to women to make them feel fearless, including the inaugural 261 Women’s Marathon happening in Majoraca, Spain, in two weeks, and the 261 Fearless Collection from Skirt Sports.

Dimity and Sarah are rendered speechless several times throughout this not-to-be-missed podcast; afterward, Dimity confesses she pitted out during the conversation and Sarah says her hands went nearly numb. But before bringing on the running pioneer, the ladies chat about the Little Rock Marathon weekend and how Sarah “crushed” on the capital of Arkansas.

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5 responses to “#101: Kathrine Switzer Reflects Back—and Talks Future Races

  1. This is an amazing interview! I read Kathrine’s book “Marathon Woman”, and she’s been one of my heroes ever since. I was listening as I was getting ready this morning and had to stop because I kept tearing up, making it impossible to put mascara on! 🙂 Thank you, as always, for great inspirational content!!

  2. Loved this podcast. I got a little teary on my run! You never hear what happened to the boyfriend who helped her get away from Jock Semple. If you think about it he is a big reason she was able to finish that day. He deserves a Women’s Rights Auxiliary medal just for that.

  3. This has been my favorite podcast so far. I listen to AMR on my treadmill and sometimes you have me laughing so hard I’m afraid I’m going to fall off. :> I love that I totally get all your references to the tv shows of the 70s and 80s. I loved the reference to “Alice” and the theme song at the end totally brought me back. Kathrine Switzer was completely amazing. Thank you for a fun and inspiring podcast!

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