#150: Everything You Need to Know to Tri

You, too, can look as happy, strong, and capable as Dimity did during a triathlon.
You, too, can look as happy, strong, and capable as Dimity did during a triathlon.

Thinking about trying a triathlon this spring or summer? Dimity and Sarah welcome triathlon coach Barrie Hufford to answer questions ranging from gear to training. As the mother of two young boys, Barrie recognizes most moms can’t dedicate four hours/day to the sport, and her realistic attitude shines through in her answers, such as telling gals not to do too much (e.g. no need to do a 40-mile bike ride now for a sprint triathlon in June). She walks mother runners through setting up gear in the transition area, offering pointers on getting in and out of a wetsuit (including whether you even need one) and the best shorts to wear in the race. Dim and Barrie share a crucial analogy mother runners can relate to: panty liners are to tri shorts as maxi pads are to bike shorts. When it comes to talk of training, Barrie tell it like it is--“We all avoid what we suck at”—but then offers encouragement on how to see bigger gains.

Along the way, find out what freaks Dimity out on the swim portion of a triathlon, and how Jonathan Livingston Seagull and War and Peace enter into the conversation.

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4 responses to “#150: Everything You Need to Know to Tri

  1. I listened to part of this on the way to work and enjoyed it. I am not certain why anyone would question the advice of a certified Level II triathlon coach. As I gear up to do a race for the first time again in 7 years, it was a nice refresher of the things that I may have forgotten.
    Also, for anyone who may fall into the endowed category, a sports bra under your tri top will be helpful. Dimity’s advice about trying that out in a swim and then a short run is a MUST. If there is chafing, itching, etc. you will be quite uncomfortable. You need to ensure it will work and not limit your movement on the swim. For some races it can mean multiple layers – sports bra, tri top, wetsuit…
    I look forward to listening on my way home. I am a wee bit behind in the pod casts.

  2. Thanks for this. As a swimmer I only get back into running as an adult because I wanted to compete and triathlon was the easiest way to do that. More Mother Tri-ers (Is that a thing?) please.

  3. I would think once you’ve done just a dozen Tri’s you could give advice to a beginner. I can’t wait to listen to this podcast on my next spin bike session.

  4. I’ve done 122 triathlons (two Ironman’s and 6 70.3s and a handful of Xterras-which is off road triathloning.) I have also swum from Alcatraz 9 times…now THAT’S open water swimming! Would I ever think I was experienced enough to give advice? Hell no.

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