#194: Strength Training for Runners

She's pumped! Angie Krueger, (blonde) teaching her beloved BodyPump class.
She's pumped! Angie Krueger, (blonde) teaching her beloved BodyPump class.

Find your strong on this podcast: Sarah and her best running friend, Molly Williams, welcome certified personal trainer Angie Krueger to talk about strength training for runners. Before talk turns to various methods of strength training, Angie shares how she’s run 27 marathons in 27 different states. (And only one in the state of denial!) Then the mother runners drill down into the benefits of barre, OrangeTheory Fitness, TRX, BodyPump, yoga, and PiYo, and Angie stresses the importance of doing what you need to feel successful. She gives loads of, ahem, strong advice, including pointers for classic moves like crunches and planks. Learn what “cough muscles” are and how to activate them for better results.

At the top of the show, find out how much money Molly found on her and Sarah’s morning run, and why it prompted Sarah to utter an expletive similar to, but not quite, “mother runner.”

A duo of calls to action from podcast:

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*Train Like a Mother this spring and have your best training experience—and strongest race—ever. Registrations for 10K, half-marathon, and marathon programs in Train Like a Mother Club close January 24; 5K registration opens in February.

This episode's co-hosts, Sarah (in hat) and Molly, moments after Molly's big find.
This episode's co-hosts, Sarah (in hat) and Molly, moments after Molly's big find.

7 responses to “#194: Strength Training for Runners

  1. I’m very intrigued by the OrangeTheory Fitness as well and wish there was one near me to check it out. I do a PiYo class once a week (BTW…I was rolling when you described what PiYo was…I wish it was pie and yogurt…but honestly I love my PiYo class!!) I try to do a strength/weight training routine at home and find that because I do it at home by myself that I find other things to do other than my strength training….As much as I hate to pay for one more fitness class I think putting money on it makes it more motivating to get it done. Thanks for a great podcast…you ladies ROCK!!

  2. I commented too soon! I continued listening and I made the podcast! I’m the Maureen who loves Bruce! I wanted to yell to the strangers on the train and say
    “That’s me!” Too funny

  3. Just listened to the podcast and can honestly say I wish I had a running buddy like Molly. She kept saying things I was thinking – for example how she feels about exercise. She was awesome. Will Always love Sarah and Dimity, so was happy to say Molly was awesome too. Looking forward to her next co-hosting stint.

  4. YaY BodyPump! I walked into my first Pump class exactly one year ago this week — it happened to be my gym’s launch day of BodyPump 92 — and was immediately head-over-heels. I attend 4+ classes a week and will be taking my initial instructor certification training this spring..while I train for my first full…can’t wait!

  5. I’m intrigued by the new Orange Theory Fitness coming to the Lloyd District in Portland. Hmmm, could this be the answer to my cross-training quest? And Molly – if you found that mullah on ya’ll’s NE Rodney route, I second SBS’s comment!

  6. If I ever find myself in Portland I’m going to get a roll of quarters and scatter them over a five mile radius of SBS and Molly’s running routes!

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