#198: Becca Pizzi: 7 Marathons, 7 Continents, 7 Days (Yowza!)

Becca 500 x 300 with map 2 (1)Eating desserts, ugly crying, and popping on planes: All these topics—and more—are covered in a rip-roaring chat Sarah and Adrienne Martini have with Becca Pizzi, the single mother who recently became the first American woman to run seven marathons on seven continents (that’s all of ’em!) in seven days. Becca shares all the dirty details, including what one of the hardest parts of the undertaking was (the answer will surprise you!) and how she ensured the proverbial chute was empty before each race. She tells of her year of training, which included running 70 to 100 miles per week, yoga, strength training, and CrossFit, that enabled her to complete the 183.4-mile, “unbelievable test of endurance and strength.” Becca shares how she borrowed wisdom from quarterback Tom Brady and how one flight attendant went way above the call of duty after Becca suffered an injury in the penultimate marathon of the quest. Finally, find out how a pink burka enters the narrative!

If Sarah’s end-of-show plea sways you, here is the best way to buy Run Like a Mother, Train Like a Mother, and Tales from Another Mother Runner. (Or listen to the audio version of RLAM on Audible!) Thanks in advance!

5 responses to “#198: Becca Pizzi: 7 Marathons, 7 Continents, 7 Days (Yowza!)

  1. The ladies channel their inner Sam Champion and talk about running in the rain and wind. Sarah draws on her hundreds of hours spent in the Portland rain for practical tips, while Dimity gives great advice on how not to feel pushed around by the wind. B..

  2. I listened to this on my long run this morning and wow! So inspiring! I hope you can have her on again because there were so many more questions!

  3. Inspiring. I’m am amazed at the steps Beca took to make this happen, from reaching out to the BM race director who fine-tuned what she should be looking for as far as help. Total mind/body commitment.

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