#211: Danny Dreyer Talks about Chi Running and Running Meditation

Danny DreyerSarah and Dimity welcome to the show Danny Dreyer, co-creator of ChiRunning and author of several books, including ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Efortless, Injury-Free Running and Chi Marathon: The Breakthrough Natural Running Program for a Pain-Free Half Marathon and Marathon. Danny tells the genesis of Chi Running, which morphed him from a custom woodworker to an internationally renowned running instructor who helps people find a better way to move. In his soothing voice, Danny talks of the importance of alignment and relaxation in running. Find out which habit Danny thinks, “is the new smoking.” In an analogy every mother (and father!) runner can relate to, learn how listening to your body while running is like listening to a totally engrossed little child speak; gain encouragement when Danny assures Sarah and Dimity the body will always have an answer. Then Danny talks about his two tracks on a new album called Running Deep: Guided Meditations for Runners: You’ll never look at (or smell or taste or hear) a run the same way again. Finally, find out how Danny’s daughter, Journey, got her intriguing name.

But first, hear how and where Dimity crossed paths with an in-the-news aspiring Olympian.

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Running Deep cover

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5 responses to “#211: Danny Dreyer Talks about Chi Running and Running Meditation

  1. Kelly, I am with you. I have been Training with ChiRunning for two years now. I think that TLAM is going to elevate my practice to a whole other level without any takeaway. I love what Danny Dreyer brings to running – injury free using a balance of form, dan tien, and a mindfulness about running and life. Great Podcast! Loved it.

  2. Just found your podcast and absolutely LOVE it !!! I am not a mother ( rather a father ) but I hope you will welcome me into your community. Your podcast is timely and relevant and is a pleasure to listen too. Thanks for being there!

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