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#285: Running and Fertility

Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin have a candid conversation with Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Barbieri, a doctor of reproductive medicine at Oregon Reproductive Medicine and a mom of three young kids, about running and fertility. The conversation starts off with a few laughs with a tangent about pregnant celebrities in US Weekly. The good doctor talks about hormonal shifts which can affect a mother runner’s cycle. Betsy gives advice on dealing with the stress of trying to conceive and why it’s important to continue running in moderation if it’s a sanity-saver. The conversation covers miscarriages and running—and why to banish any guilt. Like so many care providers, Dr. Betsy encourages women trying to conceive to not be afraid to seek help. Then Sarah welcomes Anissa Brown, a—spoiler alert! —mother of three children, who shares the amazing tale of how she “won” her twins via a 5K race! (And the help of the Footsteps for Fertility Foundation.) A must-listen story!!

First up, Amanda and Sarah laugh about backpacking and marvel at some standout runners (Shalane! Kathrine!) at the 2017 New York City Marathon. The expert interview begins at 11:24.

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One response to “#285: Running and Fertility

  1. I’ve read several articles about running and fertility lately and I laugh at my dumb luck…I was about to turn 40, running more than ever, training for a first marathon, and my de facto running coach was my 55 year old boyfriend. I think you know the punchline. Yep, he turns 6 months old today 😉 I do think eating better, with my “coach’s” encouragement may have contributed to it.

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