Sarah and co-host Dimity McDowell are joined by Katie Oglesby, Dimity’s teammate in a rugged adventure off the Maine coast called SwimRun Casco Bay Islands. The intrepid duo explains that, despite the title, there are numerous swimming and running segments in this rugged race. Learn what was Dimity’s “biggest unknown” about this endeavor—and how sometimes making any forward progress was a measure of success. Watch your footing (repeatedly!) when the duo explains how “the course is a competitor.” It wouldn’t be a Dimity undertaking without an (ouch!) injury—find out why she’s not breathing easy post-race. Laugh at the duo’s head-scratching race motto. Early on in the show, Katie tosses out one of best lines ever (“Running is my heartthrob”) and more than one great driving analogy.

While still wearing her co-host hat, Dimity learns updates on Sarah’s parents’ house. Conversation shifts to SwimRun at 12:45.

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