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#375: Running and Depression + Anxiety

Sarah and Dimity talk with three mother runners, including the pregnant founder Still I Run, about their journeys with depression and anxiety and how running helps them keep moving forward. Listen and learn:

-what it is about running that gives them each a boost;

-how Still I Run is fighting the stigma attached to mental illness;

-the power of writing and journaling;

-how one of them stopped “catastrophizing” a running injury; and

-the beauty of observing and appreciating the “mundane” parts of life.

In the intro, hear about Dimity’s hike up a 14er. The first of three guests enters this important conversation at 17:55.

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One response to “#375: Running and Depression + Anxiety

  1. THANK YOU for this podcast episode. I’ll admit– I didn’t really want to listen to it at first because I thought it would be a “downer” but it came up automatically when I was binge listening and so I kept at it (you know rather than stop my run and fiddle with technology). The conversations are so incredible– I admire these women and others who recognize the power of running, being courageous enough to invite others to share their stories of depression and anxiety and humanizing the condition. I loved the comment is physical health and mental health are both parts of the puzzle– there shouldn’t be a stigma attached to taking care of our mental healths. I love Still I Run and hope to participate/support a chapter soon. Again, thanks for such a wonderful conversation.

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