5 Foot and Ankle Exercises To Try

You stretch, you foam roll, you cross-train. But do you pay attention to your feet and ankles? They're what keep you going, after all. Pick up some insider tips and tricks from our Role Mothers to work into your own pre- and post-running routine.
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Pam, the grandmother:
I use a BOSU Ball while barefoot to help strengthen my feet and ankles. And after long runs, I have a dryer ball that I roll my feet on to massage them.

Ashley, the beginner
As a beginner, I'm just now learning what works for me personally and haven't even scratched the surface on what I could or should be doing to help keep my feet happy and healthy. But I have a date with my foam roller and a tennis ball after every run.

Melissa, the marathoner
I regularly do towel curls: Stretch a hand towel or resistance band on the floor in front of your vertically. Place your bare foot on the end of the towel nearest you. Keeping your heel on the floor, curl your toes to bunch up the towel and drag it toward you. Then stretch out your toes and grasp another bit of the towel to curl. Continue until you've bunched up the entire towel. Repeat with the other foot.

Tania, the sputterer
To keep my feet and ankles strong (along with glutes and core), I like to do Piyo barefoot at least once a week, ideally twice. This also helps with balance, which strengthens my ankles. I use a band for stretches and strength exercises, like calf raises, lying down with the band wrapped around my feet. It makes me feel super flexible.

Nicole, the regular runner
I do barre class once a week; include foot roller time post-run; get foot massages; and, I think most important, I watch my footwear. I know that wearing shoes with poor or no arch support will bring the pain, so I avoid them at all costs, and I limit my time in high heels.

Tell us: What's your go-to exercise?

3 responses to “5 Foot and Ankle Exercises To Try

  1. I roll my feet and leg muscles daily with a beaded stick roller. I also do toe raises, ankle circles, and spell the alphabet with each ankle/foot each night.

  2. Forget the foot exercises! I want to know what Nicole does for her glorious arms! share that routine please 🙂

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