#141: Returning to Running after Fever or Flu

Dr. Marni Nicholas after her first triathlon.
Dr. Marni Nicholas after her first triathlon.

A timely topic and, like a hearty chicken soup, it’s chock full of good things—namely advice from a family practitioner about when and how to resume running after an illness. Dimity and Sarah host Marni Nicholas, M.D., a mother runner of two school-age sons and doctor of internal medicine in New Hampshire. The good doctor starts by talking about how she practices what she preaches, leading a beginners’ 5K program in her community every spring. Once talk turns to tissues and thermometers, Dr. Marni delivers good news, which is that moderate exercise boosts immunity so a short, easy run can help chase a cold away. A fever, however, is another story: Dr. Marni gives an Rx for how long to wait after a fever to resume running, and then to, “start low and slow.” Knowing she’s talking to moms, Dr. Marni also talks hand hygiene. Before being joined by their guest, the gals talk about “butt germs” (a direct quote from Dim), things packaged in tubes, and gift giving in their families. (No, the topics are not related. Well, not exactly.) Plus, the correct pronunciation of the word, “antibiotics.”

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3 responses to “#141: Returning to Running after Fever or Flu

  1. Hi Marni, from another NH runner! I’ve run many races in your neck of the woods!! (Seacoast Half, Wallis Sands, Run to the Border Half, Half at the Hamptons, and Great Bay Half). Love the seacoast! Last year, I was sick leading up to Wallis Sands (fever for almost an entire week!) and ran it as a training run. Probably not the best decision. Happy Running!

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