Fairy Runmothers Dimity (pink) and Sarah (blue) ready to fly at start of Disneyland Half

Despite just seeing each other—and their families—in Disneyland over Labor Day, the gals have a lot of catching up to do. Listen in as they recount their debut runDisney race, which they both adored. But find out why they each ditched their respective pace groups and how Dimity cleverly had Sarah’s son climb an obelisk at the Magic Kingdom to keep him in her sights, post-race. Talk turns to Dimity’s recent “aquabike” race and Sarah’s final 20-miler for the Twin Cities Marathon. Be forewarned: Dimity’s bum-crack comes up in conversation!


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L-R, Amelia (Dim’s daughter), Daphne, and Phoebe (Sarah’s 2 gals) on the teacups


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