You may know these as "sprinkle chips" or if you're British "Hundreds and Thousands" (there must be a story behind that one).

You may know these as “sprinkle chips” or if you’re British, “Hundreds and Thousands.” (There must be a story behind that one.)

The unthinkable—but the inevitable—has happened: Dimity and Sarah are injured at the same time. The mother runners talk about what’s causing them pain and keeping them awake at night, then they divulge the treatment alternatives they’re pursuing. Based on personal experience, they share the importance of listening to your gut and finding a trusted practitioner (giving rise to a new category in our AMR Connect forums). But first Dimity tells about making a treacly kid-toffee that even her 9-year-old daughter dubbed, “too rich,” and the gals discover the correct pronunciation of, “nonpareil.”

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