12 Ways To Deal With a Runny Nose While Running


It's that time of year: Cold temps make for a runny nose while running. If you, like Sarah, are in search of solutions that don't make your skin raw, the Tribe has answers. Thanks, Facebook community! Scroll through to find everything form the innovative (essential oils) to the unusual (pall bearers' gloves).



Handanas are fantastic!

—Melanie and a second vote from Catherine


Neti pot!! Before and/or after.

—Rebecca and Brit agrees


A blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and rosemary essential oils under the nose!




SQoosh band! Takes care of snot, sweat, and the hidden pocket is just right for hot hands in the winter.



Vaseline under/on my nose then wipe with sleeves the whole way. So gross but my nose is never sore.



l'occitane shea butter

I carry Puffs Plus tissues (they hold up well) for blowing and apply L'Occitane shea butter on my nose holes before the run to protect the skin.



I put on lots of Chapstick under my nose so does not get raw.



Use my lanolin for inside my dry nose during the summer too. My baby is 13 😉

—Stephanni and a follow-up vote from Charity


I wear pall bearers' gloves. Very soft. If you don't have any, those Sunday go-to-meeting kind of gloves do well.




RunningGluv. They are exactly what you need!! Trust me!

—Stephanie, with Kim and Susie agreeing


running buff

I use a Buff doubled around my wrist to blow my nose - in colder weather, I'll wear it around my neck for the same purpose.

—Kris with another vote from Tina


I have a sports bra with double layers so I keep my clean tissues in one boob, and my used tissues in the other 😆. I gradually go from being lopsided on the right, to lopsided on the left!



Any other suggestions out there? We'll take 'em!

11 responses to “12 Ways To Deal With a Runny Nose While Running

  1. Those that are not realizing this is a thing must either be in warm areas or hides on a treadmill when the wind chill drops to the sub zeros. Running in negative temperature this becomes a large problem and very painful to the nose to continue to wipe a raw nose or letting the constant drainage just freeze to the face.

  2. I swear by Bag Balm. I use it to prevent chafing, to heal chafing, to heal a raw, runny nose, and every night on my lips to prevent the dreaded winter chapped lips. It’s my wonder drug!

  3. I buy gloves at the dollar store or save kids odd gloves and keep a stash in my running bag. I slip one on my left hand & that is my snot rag! Easy on fuss & toss it right in the laundry when done. In warm weather I always have a bandanna wrapped around my hand. I have also used a buff around my wrist too.

  4. This is a concern? How about snot rockets and your sleeve? I guess I have been running/cycling so long that I never even thought this was a “thing” to ponder. Oh and I work with preschoolers who daily tip their noses on my pants or shirt-tail, so, there’s that.

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