Feb 12 podcast blog photo 500x300 collageSarah and Dimity co-host this second of two extra-special podcasts building excitement and anticipation for the Olympic Marathon Trials, which take place in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 13 (and will be broadcast live on NBC starting at 1 p.m. EST). On both podcasts, Sarah and her co-hort talk with three “everyday” mother runners who qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials and will be running them: On this episode, it’s Sarah Robinson, Heather McWhirter, and Andrea Duke. These three mother runners share their tales of qualifying and getting to the starting line, including Andrea’s amusing tale of how, 14 years ago, she was “a social marathoner eating Cheez-Its from a bowl held out by a kid at Mile 10.” Now her PR is 2:41, and she’s gunning for her “golden ticket” to Rio!

Draw inspiration from Andrea’s message of “You never lose: You always learn something.” Get teary when Heather describes the Trials as, “It’s my Olympics.” Soar along with Sarah “Mac” Robinson when she talks about finding “joy in running and the process of holding a goal loosely.” A standout episode, for sure. Another Mother Runner thanks the women’s running apparel company Oiselle for connect them with these amazing women: All of them are part of Oiselle’s Haute Voleé team.

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