This is the ideal episode for folks striving for any big goal: The guest is Sheila Gencarelli, 57, a pharmacist and mom of two who has been attempting to run a Boston-qualifying marathon time for more than a decade. In a lovely, honest conversation with hosts Sarah Bowen Shea and Molly Williams, Sheila shares:

-how the seed of desire to run Boston was planted for her;
-the heartbreak of (repeatedly!) missing her time goal by seconds;
-the power of shifting her focus from the race to the training;
-that mid-race potty-breaks are her Achilles heel; and,

-how being on time (or early) IRL might be her ticket to BQ’ing finally!

Before the marathoner joins around 7:25, Molly talks about her strength training routine. Bonus content: Miles of Books starts around 58:55, with Coach Liz detailing Wander, a memoir about thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

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