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#217: Author Matt Fitzgerald Talks Mental Fitness

Matt Running SideviewSarah and co-host Molly Williams are joined by writer/coach Matt Fitzgerald for a conversation about mental fitness, based on his latest book, How Bad Do You Want It: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle. Along the way, Matt admits for him, “the whole dang enchilada is mental,” and he talks about why he prefers the term “mental fitness” over “mental toughness.” The trio doesn’t shy way from tough topics, diving right in with how the fear of suffering and failure holds back some athletes. Find out why Matt believes every runner should develop “a coach within.” He points out that you bring the mental skills you possess in real life to running—and how they can help or hinder you; he also shares steps for dealing with negative thoughts. Matt reveals the single most common mistake in endurance sports, as well as the most important quality to have as a runner. Great news for newbies: This marathon man wraps things up focusing on the importance of using experience, not just having it.

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One response to “#217: Author Matt Fitzgerald Talks Mental Fitness

  1. what I said…especially about real life/running. If you haven’t had any challenges/breakthroughs with the rest of your life, then all you are going to do with running is find the same excuses….

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