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#283: 100-Mile Mommas Running for a Good Cause

Sarah and BRF Molly Williams convene for a convo with two remarkable mother runners who recently each ran 100 continuous miles to race money for charity. Julie Millen, a mom of five and founder of Joules Athletics, shares how the Joules Athletic Warrior 100 Miler evolved out of recovering from an injury as a way to honor a friend who had passed from gynecological cancer. Marvel along with SBS and Molly when Julie reveals she ran the first 87 miles around a ½-mile block—in the pouring rain; shiver when she talks about feeling a tap on her shoulder while running and hearing a friend say, “boomdiggity.” Tear up when Julie talks about why she gives back to the running community. Next, Molly and Sarah welcome Julie’s friend Emma Jeter and fellow 100-mile momma on the pod. Emma tells how she “originally sucked at running” and started by running two blocks—then walking those same two blocks back home. This homeschooler admits running is “a moment of refreshment” and that divine intervention was involved in her finding her best running friend. In her beautiful British accent, this Texas transplant extols the beauty of running—and talks about the silver lining in her community to Hurricane Harvey. No rest for these gals: They are running another 100-miler for a cancer charity in December.

In intro, Molly and Sarah reveal a scheme involving their next race together. The inspiring interviews start at 17:50.

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