Sarah has a virtual sit-down with the two women behind the Best of Both Worlds PodcastLaura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger, M.D. Both Laura and “SHU” are mother runners, and the trio was delighted this special episode was a suggestion from a listener of both pods. The BBW duo turn the tables, getting SBS to answer questions about the start of AMR and her own running-and-racing background. The Sarahs conceive a brilliant plan for SHU’s first post-baby marathon. Laura and SBS bond over exercise streaks, and Laura details her the intriguing inspiration of her 600+-day running streak. The trio debate the beautiful necessity of morning workouts, then they offer opinions and advice on balancing parental work-related screentime around offspring.

In the intro, Sarah gets her BRF, Molly Williams, to tell the tale about her attempt to hike around Mt. Rainier. (Spoiler alert: Molly’s current theme song is “Lonesome Loser.” Just try to get rid of that earworm!) The crossover portion of pod starts at 17:40.

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