AMR Answers is a biweekly Q&A podcast in which Another Mother Runner founders, Sarah and Dimity, answer your questions about training, races, nutrition, running gear, TMI topics, parenting, you name it!

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AMR Answers: #30
Sarah and Dimity give guidance to:
-Lisa from Westminster, MD, on running two marathons in one training cycle;
-Holly in Oklahoma City about remedies and exercises to combat low-back pain (including CBD balm);
-Michael in Needham, MA, about junk miles—and how they’re not so junky;
-New Hampshire Phoebe on clever runner-themed birthday treats, including these Marathon Cookies.


AMR Answers: #29
Sarah and Dimity offer advice to:
-Michelle from Edmonton, Canada, about what to eat after a nighttime run;
-Deb, a marathoner-in-training in upstate New York, whether to wear a hydration vest in her race;
-Sheri from Indianapolis, about getting over a bad marathon and pursuing a 50K.

In response to Chicagoan Diane’s cute query, learn the back story behind Sarah’s sports nickname, Champy, and Dimity’s unique first name.


AMR Answers: #28
Sarah and Dimity suggest:
-to Amy in SoCal how to silence the doubting-demons in her head;
-girlfriend getaway ideas to Shayna in the suburbs outside Philly;
-peanut-free, pre-run fueling options for newly allergic Jess in Fort Leonard Wood, MO;
-leakage solutions to Kate from western Wisco; and
-to Jen in Denver she should meet herself where she is with her running.


AMR Answers: #27
Sarah and Dimity counsel:
-Becca in South Carolina how best to meld a running streak with half-marathon training;
-Barb in Portland how to successfully include a few relay races with marathon training;
-Elizabeth in Seattle how to manage jet lag and humidity during an away-race; and
-Austin Alyssa on a running-related pre-baby bucket list.


AMR Answers: #26
Sarah and Dimity tell:
-Devon in Chicago how to sidestep a UTI competing in a triathlon (+ pee on the move!);
-Mika in Redlands, CA, how to juggle marathon training and strength training;
-Tiana from Saskatchewan, Canada, the rationale for doing long runs slower than race pace; and
-Jennifer from Louisiana numerous cross-training options while laid up with a stress fracture.


AMR Answers: #25
Sarah and Dimity offer options to:
-Judith from Sun Prairie, WI, about splitting up runs while on training plan;
-Laurie in Rockville, MD, regarding increasing cadence (including alternatives for getting speedier);
-Ilyce in Wellesley, MA, about sharing the sidewalk; and
-Mary (and everyone listening!) for staying safe on roads and trails.


AMR Answers: #24
Sarah and Dimity tell:
-Pam from Decatur, GA, how to “win” the comparison game;
-Emily in southern rural MN the hot take on ice baths and foam rolling;
-Shannon in Ontario, Canada, why one pair of the right running shoes is all she needs; and
-Brenda from Columbus all sorts of get-more-and-better-sleep advice, including listening to the Sleep with Me podcast. Producer Alex even chimes in with an app suggestion!


AMR Answers: #23
Sarah and Dimity urge new-mom Cassandra on Long Island, NY, to adopt a “good-enough” mentality as she embarks on midday runs, offering her practical suggestions for successful lunchtime workouts. They give Molly from Buffalo, NY, tips on how to sidestep shin splints. To Hillary from North Carolina’s Outer Bands, the duo dispense advice on how to keep marathon training “fun and light,” including examining her reasons for opting for a 26.2-mile race. Finally, the canine-loving gals tell Meredith in Erie, Pennsylvania, dog-gone good ways to run with her dog!


AMR Answers: #22
Sarah and Dimity enlighten Erica from Covington, Louisiana, about the purpose of a pre-run warm-up and offer some suggestions, including moves from Train Like a Mother Club videos. They counsel new mom Lisa from Minnesota about working back up to a marathon. Dimity offers Amanda in Buck County, Pennsylvania, solid advice about triathlon training for feeling confident on race day. In answering Maureen from Chicago’s question, Coach Dimity says while there is a place for both body-weight exercises (think clamshells and one-legged squats) and using weights to strength train, ultimately the former is better for injury prevention amongst runners.


AMR Answers: #21
Sarah and Dimity counsel Pamela (and Katie) from Virginia about cross-training, telling them it should be a complement to running—something that makes you feel energized, not depleted. They remind Chicagoan Ellen to ask herself what her 26.2 intentions are when deciding whether to run other races during her upcoming marathon training cycle. The duo suggests options to on-her-feet Tia from Fort Hood, Texas, for making her legs and feet feel ready to run even after a full day of work. Finally, with a little help from Lemony Snicket, they tell Julie in Soulsbyville, Calif., how to get over her fear of running in the dark.


AMR Answers: #20
Sarah and Dimity advise Elizabeth in Seattle on the best ways to increase her distance without wearing herself out. They counsel coming-back-from-injury Amy in Lakeville, Minn., on how to build back up to doing half-marathons, including giving a weekly mileage suggestion. The duo offers suggestions to another Amy, this one from Gaithersburg, Maryland, about juggling training for triathlons and marathons. Then they give Samantha in McMinnville, Oregon, suggestions for finding a BRF (best running friend). They wrap with an update from Marcella, who they’d counseled on breaking two-hour time goal in her half-marathon (spoiler alert: Marcella crushed it!).


AMR Answers: #19
Sarah and Dimity help Erica from Illinois ease into a half-marathon conservatively—then the duo debates what’s the best mile-marker to step on the gas. They talk acclimatization (easier to spell than to say, as you’ll hear!) in response to a question from Marianne in New Jersey. The BAMRs provide Julie with blister-prevention advice, then go through a range of speed-building tactics for Jamie in St. Louis, who is transitioning from marathon training to tackling shorter summer races.


AMR Answers: #18
The AMR duo directs Devon from Chicago on how to get out of her mid-cycle blahs as she trains for a marathon, in hopes of finding renewed enthusiasm for running. They tell Jess in Pennsylvania how to try out trail running. Jean in New Jersey, planning ahead, gets advice on how to work around a two-week summer vacation while training for the New York City Marathon. Dimity and Sarah counsel Atlantan Whitley on ways to regain speed, reminding her it’s not all physical.

In the intro, marvel along with Sarah at Dimity’s genius in doing DIY workouts wherever she finds herself.


AMR Answers: #17
Special episode: Sarah and Dimity answer questions lobbed at them on a Facebook Live! They offer fueling advice for half-marathons and marathons. The duo are in agreement on the ideal first marathon. They give suggestions for cross-training with young kids, plus getting grumpy kids on board with mom’s race training. Several queries related to the Boston Marathon, with Dimity revealing whether she’ll be on the sidelines spectating her husband run the race and SBS dispensing advice for an optimum Boston experience. Lots of shared laughs plus a few jinx-say-same-word-at-same-time moments. Fun!


AMR Answers: #16
Sarah and Dimity offer long-run nutritional advice to Renée from Naperville, Illinois, including the importance of eating well the day before the big effort. (In the answer, find out what SBS sometimes does in the shower!) They talk through dynamic stretching drills for Lindsey in South Carolina and give Kelly in Boston loads of advice for her first ultramarathon. The duo wrap up the show talking Emily in Sherman, Illinois, how to rejigger the days of a training program with Dimity tossing out the brilliant phrase, “wavy intensity.”


AMR Answers: #15
Sarah and Dimity counsel Kara in southern Indiana on starting a running group, plus organizing runs for people of various paces. They offer differing advice for Marcella from Arizona on the best ways to utilize a pacer in a race to hit a goal time. Dimity sheds light on why Leah in Fort Collins might be particularly susceptible to a “cold bum,” then Sarah and she offer suggestions on how to keep her bootie warmer on a run. The mother runners tell Diane in Chicago how to tailor her marathon mileage to help ensure a prime training cycle. (Spoiler alert: Substitute some junk-miles with strength training.)


AMR Answers: #14
Sarah and Dimity try to relate to extreme-cold conditions by sharing a collegiate rowing mishap. Keeping with the weather theme, they tell Andrea from near Toronto (but who is headed to Florida for vacay!) to tune into effort while working out during her balmy break, rather than worrying about acclimatization. Dimity tells Courtney, a mom of two littles in Red Lodge, Montana: “If you have the marathon-itch, scratch it.” For looking-to-get-faster Beth from Easton, Maryland, the duo stresses the importance of communication with a coach—and dynamic drills and stretches. Finally, they give advice to Lisa from Connecticut about training for and running (or not!) a multiple-loop-course event.


AMR Answers: #13
Sarah and Dimity counsel Rebecca in South Carolina on how to let running return to being a stress relief—instead of a stressor. Switching emphasis to the “mother” part of Another Mother Runner, the duo talks about surviving the toddler years in response to a question from Amy in Batavia, IL. They share the details about training by heart rate with Penny from Cazenovia, NY, who is aiming to run marathons in all 50 states (she’s up to 31!). In response to a question from Valerie in Salt Lake City, Dimity and Sarah talk about running at altitude—as well as net-downhill races.


AMR Answers: #12
Sarah and Dimity help steer Stephanie toward an ideal choice for her first marathon, especially reminding the Rochester, NY, mom it’s not the likely weather on race day that should guide her. Cheers to Amy from Pittsburgh, who asks about an occasional glass of wine during marathon training. Drawing on their decades of gear-reviewing experience, the duo gives Reedy (yes?) from Milton, Mass., advice on how often to replace running kicks. (Learn--and laugh!--when Dimity coins a new term: moonboot-ism.) Treading on familiar ground for SBS, they offer streak-ending advice to Jenn from Albuquerque.


AMR Answers: #11
Sarah and Dimity counsel Amy in Chapel Hill on how to help her sister get right with a race finish time, suggesting someone set intentions at the start of a training cycle. They guide Zoe in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on resuming running after an illness, including “doing less than you think you can.” The duo points out to Rebecca in Sarasota, Florida, that motivation and “decision-fatigue” are related—and that sometimes there is no magic. (And that’s okay.) SBS + Dim give post-race recovery advice to Susan in Indiana. Vitamin S is a recurring theme in several responses: Find out what it is and how it can help every single runner. And laugh along at Dimity’s Hershey’s Kisses anecdote!


AMR Answers: #10
Sarah and Dimity give guidance to Ohioan Tammy who is planning her annual race calendar; Dimity offers up the pearl of “know your race rhythms.” In response to Sandy from Nashville, the gals talk about cross-training, particularly working around OrangeTheoryFitness workouts. They counsel Bertina in Wisconsin about coaching options, and they air their dirty laundry (!) in response to an inquiry from Alison in London, Ontario.


AMR Answers: #9
Sarah and Dimity offer winter running gear advice to Atlantan Stephanie, who’s planning ahead for a holiday visit to her North Dakota in-laws. They remind post-baby Britney from Birmingham, Michigan, that it’s “9 months in, 9 months out,” as well as tell her how to find her workout groove again. After a detour to “Beverly Hills 90210,” the duo offers Kelly suggestions on stepping up to an unusual-length ultramarathon. Finally, Sarah and Dim sprinkle Erin from St. Louis with all sorts of Disney race tips.


AMR Answers: #8
Fresh off the Another Mother Retreat in Cape Cod, Sarah and Dimity counsel Elena from Brooklyn about weekly runny tallies, especially when coming off a marathon training cycle. Dimity’s great advice (borrowed from a tri coach in Train Like a Mother Club): “frequency over duration.” The duo explores reasons—and solutions—to why Mimi in Chicago might be feeling fatigued on runs the day after she strength trains. They give guidance to Kimberly from Lexington on how to re-center herself after an interruption during a run. Then Sarah and Dimity offer different suggestions to Carrie near Chicago about juggling half-marathon training with a European family vacation.


AMR Answers: #7
Realizing it’s race season for many mother runners, Sarah and Dimity address Patty’s question about race-day anxiety. (Here’s link to pre-race meditation by Dr. Justin Ross that Dimity mentions.) Kathleen has concerns about the duration of a long run for marathon training, and the duo sets her straight. Heather feel vulnerable after hip surgery, so Dimity and Sarah suggest ways to regain the spark to get out the door. Sarah and Dim offer home-gym buying advice to Christina. First Nuun drinking game of AMR Answers: Chug whenever SBS or Dim joke about pieces of equipment at the gym!


AMR Answers: #6
Sarah and Dimity dive into this math-heavy episode with Martha’s question about cadence, suggesting she think “quick-light, quick-light.” (A heck of a lot easier than counting to 90!!) The duo reminds marathoner-and-beyond Beth there are elements that can make a runner father than speedwork. In answering a question from first-time-marathoner-in-training Pam, the BAMRs talk about the mental side of 26.2-training with Dim offering the lovely imagery of a training plan “stair-stepping you up there.” Britt asks about “leg day,” opening up a conversation about strength training.


AMR Answers: #5
Sarah and Dimity counsel Kathy on how to get out of a mental slump while she waits for her next training cycle to kick off. (For a doozy of a race: Three Days at the Fair!) On the flipside of that scenario, Molly suffers from FOMO while training for the Kansas City Marathon, to which Dimity shares a mother runner truism: “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” Speaking from experience, Dimity and Sarah offer advice to Maureen on grappling with the mental and emotional side of an injury. (Here’s where to connect with the Injured BAMRs Facebook page.) Find out what phrase Dimity tosses out that gives Sarah absolute delight. Finally, in response to Kimberly’s question, the duo share suggestions on balancing the social demands of a running group.


AMR Answers: #4
Sarah and Dimity bolster another Sarah on ways to boost immunity while training—steps from the outside in and, thanks to Dim’s insight, from the inside out. They council single mom Gretchen, who is looking to break 2:00 in half-marathon on a limited running schedule—advice applicable to anyone looking to train on three days of running per week. (At this point of podcast, Dimity dazzles SBS with her coaching acumen!) Finally, they try their best to offer Pamela breathing advice.


AMR Answers: #3
Sarah and Dimity give Hungry Heather advice on staying satiated, even during (and after) 12-hour work days and half-marathon training runs. The duo discusses cross-training options for Tianna; they counsel Maxine, a walk-runner, on how to juggle minutes and miles—and get right with where she’s currently at. They offer tips to Janice on running back-to-back races. Chug Nuun every time either Dimity or Sarah mentions some version of the word “staircase.” As promised, here’s link to AMR YouTube channel.


AMR Answers: #2
Sarah and Dimity clue in Kelly about how to combine running and swimming workouts (including gear logistics); tell grandmother runner Marcia how to accept (or not!) slowing down due to age; give advice and support to first-time-pregnant Elizabeth on dealing with—and accepting—changes that occur with pregnancy; and help Amy find running friends.


AMR Answers: #1: Another Mother Runner Answers: Debut Episode!
From the ladies who started the AMR party--Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell—comes this new Q&A show. Every other Tuesday, the head mother runners will answer voicemail questions about running, racing, and training. In this first-ever episode, the duo suggests ways to rekindle a love of running; offer advice to a race-newbie about jumping on a training plan; and, to a seasoned runner, the BAMRs offer both physical and mental advice about staying fit when not aiming for a race.



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