Another Mother Runner Cape Cod Running Retreat: The Recap

Although we had nearly 80 #motherrunners at our Cape Cod Retreat this weekend (27 states + Canada, represent!), there was one mother who crashed our party: Ma Nature.


She blew in in the form of a nor'easter on Saturday, the day of the
Cape Cod Half-Marathon.

Once we realized the weather forecast wasn't going to budge, two perspectives prevailed:

—Running 13.1 miles in a nor'easter? Pretty much the definition of b*d*ss.

—You can only control yourself + your attitude. Energy or anxiety towards the weather is only wasted energy that could potentially go towards your running.

So we pepared as best we could. Justin Ross, mental mathematician he is, wrapped our minds around being clear about race day goals—and reminded us that psychological pain always lasts longer than physical pain. Ellie Kempton, nutritional guru, warmed us with nettle tea as she talked through hormones and plenty of other topics.

Kolleen, a TriggerPoint guru, took took care of any physical niggles we knew about—and plenty we didn't as well. Coach Amanda, Coach MK, and Dimity met with athletes one-on-one to help them figure out their goals, plan for 2019 or otherwise smooth out a few running wrinkles.

And #motherrunner Carrie, also a yoga instructor, helped us ground ourselves—and open our hips—with two lovely yoga sessions.

That said, Ma Nature was a team player for most of the retreat.

Before the retreat started, we shot a few photos for some upcoming projects—and were reminded how many #motherrunnners run things.

Erica + Adrienne catching some waves and Vitamin D.

A Von BAMR Trapp family moment before we walked over to pick up our race bibs.

Lots of flat #motherrunners took to the private Facebook page on Friday night. The best part of this cute outfit? The purple bibs, special to BAMRS; with an out-and-back course, runners were able to identify each other easily, even in driving rain.

Cape Cod Running Retreat

The purple bibs also helped our unbreakable cheering squad spot our runners. (The runner in the picture? Not a BAMR. Using this pic because it shows all our signs before they melted. Fortunately, the cowbells stayed intact throughout.)


Cape Cod Running Retreat

This group of five BAMRS ran together with plenty of stops for pics—and sang songs along the way. Even with the multiple stops, Alana (in braids) was <60 seconds off her half-marathon PR.

Speaking of PR's, these eight BAMRS hit a personal best while Mother Nature was at her personal worst.

Cape Cod Running Retreat

We left no BAMR behind; Donna, in green, was all smiles + steadiness as a few of us accompanied her to the finish line.

Once we dried off, showered, dried off again, ate, napped, visited the Kennedy Museum and otherwise found our groove again, the celebration was ON.

Cape Cod Running Retreat Mother Nature might bring our clambake indoors, but she can never take away our sense of humor.

Cape Cod Running Retreat

Our mother/daughter pair for the weekend; Kathy, the mother (and grandmother) ran her first half-marathon this weekend—and the retreat was a holiday gift from Liz, her daughter!

Cape Cod Running Retreat

Lots of other firsts at the retreat: first race expo for one; first yoga class for another; first time eating lobster the "real" way for many.

Cape Cod Running Retreat

And then? Karaoke! Sarah + BAMR PAMR warmed us up.

Cape Cod Running RetreatSoon it was a group affair though, with roughly 88 backup singers + dancers on every song.

Cape Cod Running Retreat

Including the friendliest bartenders ever.

Cape Cod Running (And yes, this is Dimity, a very reluctant dancer, typing this and starfishing on the dance floor.)

Cape Cod Running Retreat

Some of us wrapped up Sunday morning with—surprise!—more running on a dry, sunny day. (The marathon started later that morning.)

Cape Cod Running RetreatAnd some of us chose lattes + laughs from perhaps the best boulangerie most of us have experienced. ("Croissants?" said one BAMR. "I don't even eat croissants, and I've had about four this weekend!")

This post might come across as hear-all-about-my-vacation, which isn't the intent.

If you've read this far, you are a part of the #motherrunner tribe, and our tentacles stretch far and wide, across oceans + politics + lifestyles + religion + every other thing that could easily group us otherwise these days.

But this retreat cemented (again) what we know to be true: there are certain traits that all #motherrunners, whether they're beginners or have been at it for decades, inherently have—determination, a sense of humor, perspective, self-confidence, generosity, and, of course,an inclination towards endurance sports—that connect us both quickly and intimately.

We will always love rooting for and chatting with you via a keyboard + social media, but to be able to give + receive hugs in the middle of a nor'easter AND a half-marathon?

It just makes our bonds that much deeper.

Cape Cod Running Retreat

25 responses to “Another Mother Runner Cape Cod Running Retreat: The Recap

  1. Dimity and Sarah-
    You have to be proud how well everything came off. (So irganized and fun) As I always said to my kids, “This will be an adventure!” And, no doubt, it was…
    Us BAGRS ( baggers-Grandmother types) were so welcomed and included by the younger ‘legs’ of the group. Thank you. I am a fan!

  2. NOTHING exhibits the spirit of AMR better than how quickly the bartenders assimilated! seriously! BAMRs are gonna take over the world!!!

  3. Can’t wait for me to be in attendance someday! Looks like a blast and most importantly it looks like regardless of who you are it would be fun! awesome recap!

  4. All of you gorgeous BAMRs rocked it!! Loved all the posts over the weekend. Had a blast vicariously. Someday I’ll get there in person!! (PS I don’t do karaoke but I will drink so good enough!! Lol)

  5. I LOVE these retreat recaps even more, having finally attended one earlier this year (Ogden!). SO GLAD you kept up the karaoke – you all clearly had a marvelous time at every step of the way. Thanks for letting us get a sneak peek into your wonderful weekend. If anyone reading this comment has ever wondered if a retreat was for you – TRUST US, IT IS!!!!!!!

  6. Cannot stop smiling and giggling at these pictures! You feel that BAMER vibe in all of them. Congrats to all of you! ✨✨

  7. I am still in the afterglow, dealing with Monday Funday at work. I will never forget the endless kindnesses of Dimity, Sarah, the AMR Bamrbassadors, and each and every BAMR in attendance. I am uplifted, inspired and more than refreshed. The run was invigorating to say the least. Great time and I hope I can do another retreat sometime soon.

  8. This weekend was absolutely magical!!! Thank you, Sarah and Dimity and team, for a truly refreshing retreat! I’m still kind of pinching myself that you are all real!

  9. I love this. I can’t say when it will be, but I will definitely make it to a retreat someday! All that BAMR love is just incredible!

  10. One retreat makes you want MOAR! So happy for all who got to be there! Don’t know where and do t know when but I WILl do another AMR retreat! Ogden will always be a shining moment in my runner life!

  11. This weekend was the definition of WARM and WELCOMING! Such an amazing time-like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone!!!

  12. Desperately trying to hold on to the glow of the weekend amid “Welcome home, when are you doing laundry and what’s for dinner?” Loved making new friends and being amongs such an awesome group of women!

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