Back to the Start of Women’s Running

Running free: Sharon Barbano in 1980, four years before the debut women's Olympic Marathon Trial.
Running free: Sharon Barbano in 1980, four years before the debut women's Olympic Marathon Trial.

Sharon Barbano, a past winner of the Finland and Long Island marathons, talks Dimity and Sarah through the experience of being part of the first-ever women’s Olympic Marathon Trials: from the spectators that lined the course even hours before the 11 a.m. start to horrifying pre-race “test” each competitor had to pass. Sarah and Dimity get this former U.S. 50K Trail Champion to share how she’s continued to find her strong over the years, including becoming a long-distance kayaker and black belt in karate. If you’re in need of inspiration, this podcast has it in spades. Even Dimity’s talk of her daughter’s quest to make state swimming championships will get you fired up!

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3 responses to “Back to the Start of Women’s Running

  1. REALLY digging this podcast! I’m 51 and Dr. Joan Ullyot’s book (Women’s Running) was MY running Bible too. I think I practically memorized that book. I also remember a gynecologist warning me that my uterus was tipped because I was a runner and if I ever wanted to have children, I’d have to STOP running. Thank you to Sharon for breaking boundaries in the sport!

  2. I’m totally digging your podcast! (On my way to put a review on iTunes.) This one was my favorite so far. We just took a road trip from Texas to Maryland then back (4 days of driving total), and I listened to your podcasts more than anything else. I totally feel like I know you now. 😉

    This one, especially, was so amazing. As a 33 year old, I don’t often think about the challenges that your guest spoke about. And I realized that I owe her and her female runner contemporaries a debt of gratitude. We have the luxury of running not even being a social issue. It’s not even a thought that my running would be frowned upon. It’s completely ridiculous. She and the other female runners she spoke of changed our culture so quickly (although it may not have felt like it for them). I’m in awe and so thankful.

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