While we love a good scroll through a review section both for entertainment and should-I-buy details, we also know the absolute best recommendations for clothing, TV shows, desserts, books, and the like usually come from friends.

Welcome to Our Favorite Things. Today, we’re on the hunt for activities that complement a running routine.

Running’s simple motion—one step, one step—belies the complicated demands it puts your body. Not only is it high impact on your joints, it requires your muscles, tendons and ligaments to work as a team; your core and hips to support and stabilize you; and your muscles to remain flexible enough to move freely.

We all know we need to strength train to keep the pace and muscle mass up, but what other activities complement a running routine? Our team weighed in, and we’d love to hear from you in the comments.


I’ve been doing it for 13 years, and I love how it both relaxes and rejuvenates me. Pilates everything all at once—strength, stamina, stability and mobility—and it cultivates efficient body mechanics and activates the deepest core muscles and stabilizers. It is something we can do for all our lives as it is safe and modifiable and really promotes longevity. I feel like it complements running so well as it makes us more resilient and resistant to injury!
—Jess Hofheimer, Coach of Traditional Programs


I like to use the TRX for both stretching/mobility work and strengthening. I’ve been using since 2013, I have a moderate scoliosis and it has been really helpful to use to get a good stretch through the spine while also allowing me to strength train with less pain. It’s super easy to adjust to how you are feeling for the day and also to get a great short workout in. Plus, it’s convenient to pack along for vacation/trips and can be used pretty much anywhere!)
—Christy Diller, Physical Therapist in Many Happy Miles


The more you train, the more you should care about fueling your body. While I don’t count calories, I do try to keep track of how much protein and fiber I’m getting, and I love indulging in extra snacks! The viral cottage cheese ice cream recipes (like this Eat Bird Food one)? I was all over that trend.
—Cathy Engstrom, Train Like a Mother Club Manager


I actually started doing yoga before I started running, so it’s been over 20 years. I either do a Peloton yoga session with Chelsea Jackson Roberts or I head to YouTube for Yoga with Adriene. I’m extremely inflexible and have many back issues and it helps with both of those things. I probably would have stopped running if I didn’t complement it with yoga.
—April Hopkins, Train Like a Mother Club Customer Service Guru



I’ve been foam rolling my quads and TFLs before my runs and my bum knee is SO THANKFUL. I’ve been doing it for the past 3-4 months after my physical therapist reminded me that I can’t just hop out of bed and go for a cold run without a little rolling or warm up because I’m not 20 anymore… sigh.
—Britany Williams, Podcast Co-host