Dry Martini: So about the 2016 New York City Marathon…

I’m certain that you have all been sitting right on the edge of your seats — I hear that’s an excellent work-out for your quads — for the last two weeks while I made up my dang mind about taking the charity option for the 2016 New York City Marathon. You can scoot back now and relax. A decision has been made.

My sadness had nothing to do with my decision but with my empty water bottle.

I hemmed. I hawed. I flailed around for a bit. I listened to the AMR podcast 200th episode, the one where Jill talked about how there is never the right time. And I realized how true that is for any big decision, like having babies. If I’d waited until the right time, I can promise you that my two would never have happened. While there are moments when I pine for some peace and quiet in a tidy place, I have never, ever regretted the decision to just take the baby plunge.

There’s never going to be the right time — but right now is about as good as it is going to get. I’m as young as I’m going to be. I’m as prepared to start training as I’m going to be. Yeah, there's going to be a scheduling challenge or two but, honestly, they can be managed. And frankly — who knows what could happen in my life if I decided to wait until 2017?

Which is a long way of saying: I’m raising money for Every Mother Counts, which is dedicated to making sure women have access to care during labor, delivery, and postpartum, and running the New York City Marathon in November. Trust me: you’ll be hearing so much more about all of this in weeks to come but if you’d like to help me get the ball rolling (and help convince me that I haven’t made a really silly decision), click here for my Crowd Rise fundraising page. I can only begin to express how much I appreciate any support from the tribe.

In other running news, Coach scheduled two long runs — 10 and 12 miles — for the last two weekends. Ten miles felt OK, really. I carried my H2O, listened to Pop Culture Happy Hour, and got it done with little agita. Twelve was a bit harder. Or, rather, the last two miles of 12 was harder, mostly because I was feeling extra zippy for the first five and, like a college Freshman with her first beer, forgot how to pace myself.

Still. It was perfectly OK. Which is not something I would have ever imagined that I’d say about a double-digit run.

Then on Monday morning, I ran a 5K with these chicas, who I had just met.

We will always remember the Alamo.

Because of a work-work (rather than AMR-work) conference, I’m writing this from San Antonio. I went seven or so years without setting foot in the Lone Star State, and have been here twice during the last five weeks. Life is weird.

Anywho, I’m here for a gathering of alumni magazine editors. Those of us who hang around on an alumni magazine editor message board — yes, such things exist — made a loose plan to meet up for a sightseeing run organized by River City Run. It was fabulous. No, really. Fabulous.

Kelly, our guide, who is a lawyer in his spare time, clearly loves this city and made sure than we would, too. We started at the Alamo, looped from notable sight to notable sight, down onto the Riverwalk, back above ground, and down again, and were entertained the whole time. I was worried about not being able to keep up, which is a fear I think all four of us had -- and it wasn’t worth the energy, frankly. While the pace was zippier than I would have been able to sustain for a straight three miles, we stopped every few minutes to talk about whatever landmark we were near. It was like interval training — and Kelly was more than happy to meet us where we were, pace-wise.

Our Intrepid Guide (who usually had his eyes open).

Plus, I got to meet three other Badass Mother Runners that I’d not known before. And Kelly directed us to a great dive for the best breakfast tacos and coffee. A win all around.

At the end of the run, Kelly gave us each a bottle of water and a tech t-shirt just like the one he was wearing, which is what I put on after realizing that my the shirt I'd planned to wear was stinky enough that I didn't even want to be near myself, much less expose myself to other humans.

It's like the trail knew we were coming.

Even though Voldesun was out during our run, San Antonio might be my new favorite running town -- in March, anyway. My blood has become too thick to deal with the rest of the summer.

What have been some of your favorite runs away from your home base? And was it the terrain or just the novelty of not being on the same routes?

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  1. Late to the party. I like running anywhere we are on vacation, as it gives you a different perspective on a new place. One of my regular favs is running the rail/trail in FL, near my mom’s condo. Why? Because I am tired of winter, and ready to run in a tank top and shorts or skirt.
    Good luck!

  2. I did a 5k Running Tour in St Thomas in October and it was awesome. It was just my husband and I; so we got to ask a lot of questions and set the pace. Definitely something I will do, if available, whenever I vacation.

  3. OMG I did a River City Rin a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Last year I did a Running Tours of Chicago and was the only one so,I got a private tour. Totally recommend looking to see,if the city you are visiting has them. Worth it!

  4. My favorite away from home races have been anything on Catalina Island (marathon and half marathon), Pikes Peak full marathon (now that’s TERRAIN!) and traveling up to Canada (Penticton) for Ironman-that course was beautiful! Good luck with your fundraising!

  5. Thanks so much for all of the support, BAMRs! And it was lovely to meet you, too, Kristen! Your city loved me so much that it tried to keep me in the airport for an extra day! I was torn because I wanted to stay another 24 hours, too. Love San Antonio.

  6. Yeah! I love the charity you’re running for. I use the app “charity miles” and Every Mother Counts gets all of my miles. Can wait to hear all about it.

  7. I am glad you are fundraising and running NYC!!! I did get in through the lottery so I hope I can meet you in person in NYC this fall ( and yes I will donate too!). As for my recent fave runs- with my BRFs everytime!!!!!

  8. It was so great to meet you last night! I’m looking forward to living vicariously through you as you train for NYC! You’ve got this! And let us know when you get to SA again!

  9. Glad your fundraising. I didn’t get in either but I’ve decided to train for and run Richmond this year and apply for NYC again next year.

  10. NYC Marathon is definitely a bucket list for me so congratulations on your decision! Two of my most favorite runs away from home have been Philadelphia and Indianapolis. Who cannot appreciate running the steps of the Museum of Art in Philly, analogous to Rocky,complete with dance at the top?! Also, the beauty of the Schuylkill River was mesmerizing, and there was also that one moment when I almost ran over “Ben Franklin” ( aka a tour guide dressed as Ben) on my route. Oops, sorry, Ben. Indianapolis was beautiful because it was unexpected. The city is so clean and friendly that it was a joy in which to run. I have set my sights on both cities as half marathon destinations now.

  11. Congratulations on your decision! That is fantastic. As for scheduling….I received a jury summons for the morning after NYC. Ugh. I couldn’t imagine driving back upstate after that. Even the juror-scheduler decided that was a hardship and let me push it back two weeks. You’ll work it out! Looking forward to tales of your progress.

  12. SOOOOO proud of you!!! can’t wait to support you and your charity 🙂

    I definitely dig being away from home, to run something different than the norm. I often get away to the same places throughout the year (family vacation, visiting buddies at an annual lake retreat, a trip back home, etc.) , I often tret the runs like visiting an old friend….Oh, hello there, old oak tree with the statue of the Blessed Mary under it – Good to see you again! You are looking well! And hello, random trailer! Do you mind if I pee behind you again?

  13. Just got home from the Lone Star State myself, actually San Anontion specifically! I was running along the mission trail and loved it! It is along the San Anontion River and connects the 5 Missions. I stop along the way to view the missions and then would run along the trail, which is quiet and always soothing to be along a river. They have left it very natural but the path is wides and the breeze gentle off the river. Can’t wait to go back!

  14. one of my dream races!!! (and I love finding new places to run to help alleviate the boredom…..and give me something to think about other than how far I’ve run, how far I have to run still, etc)

  15. Oh man… now I am conflicted! I secretly contemplate running the Marine Corps Marathon some day. The lottery opens today! I’ve done one half and my second one is coming up on May 1 (Pittsburgh – can’t wait to meet you at the expo!) But I’m scared to go for the full even though part of me wants to. Arg!

  16. Yay, you!! You make an excellent point about no right time. Although as your kids get older, there are some better times than others for scheduling personal activities.
    As for non- home turf runs, IT DOESNT EVEN MATTER! I would love to get out and run anywhere new. Anywhere. Maybe I should set up a crowd rise fund for this mama needs a monthly adventure run.

  17. This is such good news!
    On the topic, I really like anywhere with water so Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Long Beach have all suited me well.

  18. So awesome you decided to run! I am excited to hear all about your journey! I am not quite up to marathon running distance (lol) so I like to live vicariously through everyone else. 😉

  19. So excited for you. I decided to run NYC marathon this year for charity (team for kids) for the almost exact same reasons…. this year, I can…. what if I wait a couple of years and something happens and I can’t. And I have done other runs with Every Mother Counts in the past…. as a matter of fact, on many of my runs, I use the charity miles app and pick the money to go to EMC… one of my favorite charities!!! BRAVO!!!!!

  20. Totally agree on there never being a right time! I think with marathons, I will never go into one thinking I’m soooo amazingly ready. But I’ll be ready ENOUGH. I just took that stance and registered for a June marathon this week! Now’s a good time as any!

  21. I had an amazing five mile run last summer in Montreal. I took a left out of our hotel and just kept running. I ran past beautiful brownstones, flowerpots and parks! Awesome!

  22. The summer I spent in the desert, off and on, taking care of my mother were some of the best runs I’ve had. I love the flat. I loved running on the horse trails around Griffin Ranch (I have since looked at model homes there on a whim). I enjoyed the area completely.

    Good luck in NYC. I know you are going to rock that race.

  23. Love running DC when I’m there. It’s hard to get lost, has hills and flats and obviously, so much to see. It’s beautifully quiet in the AM and you never know who you’re going to see! Now my daughter is loving the area and wants to attend Georgetown. (I think mostly because of the cupcake place!)

  24. Congrats on your decision to run NY! I’m running it too…got in through the lottery last year and decided not to do it, it was logistically too hard with my kiddos’ schedules. Am doing it this year so and have been worried about doing it alone. So happy you’ll be there too!

  25. I was just in Wilmington, NC for a conference and ran 5.5 miles around the historic downtown. Loved it. Love running at conferences because I get to explore a new city on foot, and usually places are scenic (it’s a conference after all) and flatter than where I live. Congrats on running the NYC marathon! It’s on my bucket list for sure.

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