Dry Martini: Ready to Race?

Your comments are one of the best parts of writing this column. Thanks to all y’all for sharing your own belly thoughts, even if they aren’t specifically about your belly. Even BAMRs struggle with body image and it’s always reassuring to know that strong women can also feel all of their feelings.

At the end of this Saturday’s eight miles.

In other news, it’s still so flipping hot here I don’t know what to do with myself. On the Wednesday after Labor Day (and the day my kids were finally back in school), it was in the low 90s. Given that nothing around here is air conditioned, I’m am sure the middle and high schools smelled absolutely delightful. Teen Spirit will not be the next best-selling fragrance from Jean Nate.

I thought I’d be OK for my last long run before my goal half marathon, which is in Corning next weekend. I had 14 miles on my document (to quote one Kara Goucher) two Saturdays ago. On my weather app, the temps were going to be in the low 70s in the morning. A little warm, I thought, but manageable.

What I failed to anticipate was the humidity. Despite living here for 15+ years at this point, I can’t seem to remember that northeastern air holds onto moisture like my 13-year old holds on to his Nintendo Switch. The last couple of miles of those 14 had a definite Night of the Living Dead quality to them but I managed to get back home with all of my limbs attached and had cleared my schedule enough to catch a nice nap. #winning

The runs that remain before Wineglass have been and are a mix of easy miles and race pace miles. Easy miles are my bread-and-butter. Nothing makes me happier. I can lallygag like nobody’s business, even when the weather makes it feel more like a swim than a run.

I just went to the middle school’s open house. This is in the gym. I now love the gym teachers even more.

Even the race pace miles — my race pace is 11:20 — are going well. Right now, my biggest challenge has been to not run them too fast. Just because I can turn out a 10:45 mile in the middle of a four mile run doesn’t mean that I should. While I know that intellectually and accept that these RP miles are there to get my body to figure out how to find that pace, I still want to show off on Strava and to my coach. Brains are weird.

Because of those RP miles feel a little challenging but mostly good, I have decent hopes that this Wineglass will finally be the one where I break 2:30. The odds are in my favor:

  1. I have run some version of this same course three times and know where the hard bits are.
  2. AMR doesn’t have a table at the Expo this year (long story) and I can spend Saturday afternoon lounging around with my feet up.
  3. I’m starting to get the hang of half-marathons and know that starting too fast is my bete noir. My goal for the first five miles is to mosey with a purpose, no matter how zippy I feel.

I’ll practice a completely chill version of my mosey at the 5K the morning before. I was going to skip it — but couldn’t resist the spinny medal and commemorative plate. It appears that I choose races based totally on the swag.

Ariel and I are hair twins.

As much as I complain about our weather, I know that we’ve got it easy right now. One of the benefits of living where I do is that hurricanes aren’t much of a worry. I’ll take our bleak Februarys and Marches over feet of rain and angry wind any given day of the week. (If someone could remind me of this in March, however, I’d appreciate it.)

Hurricane Florence blew Ariel, a BAMR friend made at the Little Rock retreat a few years ago, up to my house in Oneonta for a couple of days last weekend. While her house in North Carolina wasn’t likely to flood or get blown over, the high pressure system always triggers her worst asthma attacks. Since she decided it would be better to not wind up in the hospital for something avoidable, I offered up our guest room.

I’d love to say that we went on long, soul-searching runs together. We didn’t. She’s Zippy McQuickerson; I am not. It would be frustrating for us both. However, we did have lots of time to talk and not-talk and generally rest and relax. While the overall reason for her trip wasn’t ideal, the time was nice to have together.

I hope all of the BAMRs who were in Flo’s path are safe and dry. And, hopefully, able to get out for a run.

So is it fall in your neck of the woods yet?
Or, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere: is it spring yet?

20 responses to “Dry Martini: Ready to Race?

  1. We are having the same weather patterns here in central Jersey as you are. The humidity is cruel. I’m doing Wineglass too! I convinced my BRF to do the half and I’m doing the full. I hope our paths cross again! Good luck and have an awesome race!

  2. Still in the 90s here during the day, but 4:30 a.m. is a good 71-75 so it’s good. Love the cleansing sweat on the long runs. Love the naps afterwards. Going for a 2:30 also at my 70.3 in a month. That’s gonna be fun!

  3. I think the worst run of all summer was this past Tuesday. It was only 6 miles but the humidity was through the roof. I swear it was worse than my 17 mile training run for the 1812 challenge!

    I did Wineglass with a group of friends last year. I actually wasn’t quite as impressed with it as so many are, but I hope you meet your goals! I did set a PR at it.

  4. I feel your pain…this has been the worst summer I have ever run through. You know it’s bad when I thought 88% humidity today for a 20 miler was magnificent.

  5. Hope you crush your goal! My training runs have been in the heat and humidity of the southern summer here in coastal VA. I’m over the 100 degree heat indices and looking like I’ve been swimming after a run. Running in the cold will be a treat. Remind me of this in a few months.

  6. Although I dread winter and spring here in the PNW, summer and fall are the seasons I can count on. Summer seems to have gotten cut short this year, but no worries, my fave running season is here! I’m going to send some cooler temps your way… training in that heat, you’ve earned your sub-2:30!

  7. Good luck to you and all the BAMRs running!
    I ran the half in 2015 and loved it. Nice course, well organized, Wegmans soup at the end!!!
    Now that I am getting back into running marathons, Wineglass is high on my list. I decided too late for this year, so I will be running the Niagara International race instead.

  8. I guess I am grateful to be living near Buffalo where fall is just beginning. I was in Florida for the past 10 days and I while-heartedly agree with you southerners – whew – it’s way way to soggy (sweaty) down there. I think a 4 mile run must equal a major hard run anywhere else!! .
    Thank you Ms. Dry Martini for the fun read!

  9. Last week we were in the high 80s, this week is cool and rainy. I like crisp days of fall, but I think we might skip fall and go into winter. Our farmers want the rain bc we are dry. This will slow down harvest but moisture is needed.

  10. I’m in Florida and even at 5:30am, it’s 100% humidity, making 78 degrees feel like swimming through a swamp. Running any later than that is just asking to be found passed out on side of road, assumed to be roadkill. Can’t wait for cooler weather, but I’m originally from IL so I still dream of real fall weather this time of year!

  11. I am running Wineglass as well – and I have to admit that the 5K bling is SO VERY TEMPTING! But it would mean driving over on Friday which is not currently my plan, and I don’t have a hotel that night, so I’m trying to forget about the bling and focus on the half. I’ll be lucky to hit a 2:30 (I’ve done it once before, but don’t think I’m there right now), but I’ll be slowly bringing up the rear!

  12. I’m in Arkansas and yesterday it was a balmy 94 with 80% humidity. Yuck. Next weeks temps promise to drop but I’ll believe it when I feel it. I’m soooooo ready for cooler exercise weather.

  13. Right there with you. Last week’s 11 miler felt like absolute torture between the temperatures, the sun and the humidity! It felt like it would never end!! Now it’s taper time…3 weeks to the Purdue Boilermaker half where I hope to break 2:30 for the second time. I go out too fast awell. Good luck to all the BAMRs out there!!

  14. Florida is all I have to say. I had one run 3 weeks ago where the humidity felt slightly lower. I’m not gonna lie, I’m over it. 98 feels like 106 is for the birds, and I’m not even sure which birds like that weather. I Run before sunrise but it is still 80 with stagnant air and I’m soaked before I get out of my driveway. Thanks for the opportunity to rant:)

  15. You are going to have the best race ever! Wineglass was my half PR, absolutely because I trained in the summer heat and humidity of North Carolina. The weather was great! Have fun!

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