Martini Fridays: Going Short

When last we spoke, I was staring down a 13-14 mile training run with the last two at my race pace, which is 11:22. Given that I’m writing this now, you can deduce that I didn’t die. Unless, of course, I wrote this beforehand and the blog software just went ahead and published it, despite my demise. But let me assure you that isn’t the case.


Apologizes. I’ve been super silly this week. I suspect it is because I’ve been running relatively short runs to prep for a 5K on Saturday and have a ton of extra energy to burn. Or it could be the shots of creme de menthe I’ve been doing at lunch. Could go either way.

Back to that long run…

Not only did I make it through the long run, I found a penny. At last the kids' college funds are complete!

The night before, because my every move is poetry, I slammed my littlest toe into a door jam while trying to not trip over the dog. Let it be known, too, that the dog, rather than express her gratitude at not being tripped over, glared at me because I woke her up.

I applied ice and elevated the piggy who went wee, wee, wee for the rest of the night. When I woke up the next morning, it was still swollen and hurt like heck if I poked it. It felt fine once I got it into my running shoe, however, so I figured I’d stop if it started throbbing and go to Urgent Care. By the end of my run, my toe was one of the few things that didn’t ache. I’m working under the assumption that it’s fine.

The first ten miles of the long run were about what you’d expect on a hot, humid morning, which is that they were slow but fine. During mile two, I passed a middle aged guy who was riding his bike while talking on his phone and smoking a “funny” cigarette. Even in my small town, that’s not something you see every day and I spent the next mile mulling over how he found himself in that particular situation. It was a welcome distraction.

I slogged on and picked up the pace at mile 12, where I managed to bang out an 11:30 mile, despite Voldesun’s influence. I could only manage the next half mile at the same pace before I started to feel I like might hurl. While I am inclined to beat myself up about that last half mile, Coach Christine could not have been more supportive. Mid-August in the northeast is hard.

My post-run nap buddy
My post-run nap buddy

It has cooled off considerably this week. My most favorite season feels like it is on its way, even though next week will be in the 90s. But never mind that, I’m going to focus on the now. Fall will be here soon.

My morning runs have been delicious and short and deliciously short. I needed to knock out 4 on Tuesday and 3 on Thursday, in preparation for that 5K on Saturday afternoon, which Coach wants me to “race,” rather than simply “saunter.”

It’s been so long since I’ve run a 5K — race or saunter — that I couldn’t remember what my last time had been. Turns out, it was a Turkey Trot two years ago. All I can remember from that race is being pelted in the face by little nuggets of wind-driven ice. My time was just shy of 35 minutes and was among my fastest for 3.1.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 4.47.19 PM
I'm 381!

I’m feeling confident that I can beat that on Saturday during the Block Party 5K and 10K in nearby Worcester. Coach wants me to shoot for 10:25 miles, for a time in the 32 or 33 minute window. That seems … doable and slightly terrifying. But, mostly, doable. It’s amazing how much of a difference a year or two makes.

Three miles used to feel epic. I’d have to marshall every resource I had just to get through them at all. Now, it’s the pace that feels a epic rather than the distance; now it’s an exciting quest rather than an exhausting one.

I say that now, of course. And I can’t help but worry just a tiny bit about how warm and sticky it will be on Saturday afternoon. Not much I can do about it, though, other than pack some ice cold NUUN and an extra Action Wipe (or 12) for the ride home.

Is anyone else taking on their first, fifth, or fiftieth 5K this weekend? Are you freaking out or finding your chill?

12 responses to “Martini Fridays: Going Short

  1. Running aside, I just want to point out that your bunny has no head in the photo. I’m gullible so maybe it is not a bunny, but, really, help me out!? Rock the run, either way! You AMR updates are great, you are a good writer and I enjoy your posts!!

  2. I ran a local 5k last Saturday and like you was excited at the shorter distance week and excited to actually “race” as opposed to just surviving a race. I ended up crushing my PR during a very hilly 5k race in 27 minutes! I have a feeling you will surprise yourself during your 5k and can’t wait to hear the report!

  3. Good luck with your 5K this weekend. It sounds like you are totally ready for it. Have a blast! (PS-It was neat seeing “Oneonta” in your post.I lived there when I was a kid and being in Maine now I never really hear of it!)

  4. We (as in hubby and I) are participating in our 3rd Ka Iwi Coast Run – a 4 miler that starts at sunrise, first 2 miles are up hill cresting at Hanauma Bay and down hill from there. After participating in a spur of the moment very HOT half marathon last weekend, this one should be a piece of cake. And your Block Party 5K will be too. Would love to meet someone (just like you) who runs a similar pace. Here’s (or cheers) to this weekend and future runs!

  5. “Now it’s an exciting quest rather than an exhausting one”…. that says it all! You’ve already won. I’m doing a virtual 7 mile race this weekend….the sole sister run….my first virtual race. Since I’ve never ran a 7 mile race, I’m sure to PR in that distance.

  6. You NEVER fail to make me laugh. Sometimes it’s like you’re reading my mind, which is a little creepy, but mostly it’s hilarious. Thanks for proving again and again that anyone can be a runner, and can move poetically (I think I lumber along). Right there with you!

  7. I love a Friday when I see a Martini Friday e-mail!
    “Because my every move is poetry” is exactly me, and I really laughed out loud. I am constantly banging into things (walls, my desk, my car, etc.) and end up with epic bruises that I don’t remember the cause of. Not very obvious that I trained with a ballet company for 12 years.
    I do not have a 5k on my calendar anytime soon, though I am thinking about maybe doing one with a returning runner friend in conjunction with the Hartford Marathon (hope to see Dimity there!)

  8. Good luck Adrienne! You’re going to rock it! I haven’t done a 5k in over a year. I do have to 10K coming up in a few weeks as a practice race before my half on Oct 10th.

  9. Yay for Martini Fridays! Good luck w/ your 5 K. It’s a nice way to get a bit of speed work into your training. You will be finished before you have the chance to get over heated 😉
    I am running the 1812 half marathon from Watertown to Sacketts Harbor this weekend. It starts at 7, so we should beat the heat.
    I had breakfast in your town last weekend. We were there for a wedding.

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