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Many Nutritious Miles will open again on for registration on January 8 in a slightly different format.

A 12-month group program that focuses on a different aspect of nutrition monthly. Designed with active females in mind, the topics range from protein to supplements to hydration. Perfect for learning or brushing up on the basics in a group environment. (More details.)

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Many Nutritious Miles

Many Nutritious Miles Nutriton Basics


Each month, we’ll focus on one tenet of nutrition. We’ll kick off 2023 focusing on protein; future topics include carbs, fats, supplements, hydration + electrolytes, sports nutrition products, and recovery nutrition.

You’ll receive a handout that explains the basic information about the topic, as well as how to apply it to your active lifestyle. An accompanying video from Jenn dives into more details. Materials will be stored in your personal account so you can access them easily.

On the private Facebook page, participants can check in with one another and offer tips + suggestions.

Jenn Giles


Each month, we’ll have a live session via Zoom with Jenn. We’ll go over the monthly focus, then open up the (virtual) floor for individual questions. If you’re unable to make the live session, don’t worry; we’ll call for questions prior to the session, and share the video afterward so you can watch at your convenience.

Many Nutritious Miles is a perfect program for you if:

  • you are looking to learn—or brush up on—the basics of nutrition in monthly bites;
  • you want a program that includes information on both everyday and sports-oriented nutrition;
  • you enjoy learning and interacting in a group environment;
  • you are not anticipating a deep dive, meal planning, and/or extensive personal contact with the dietician.

Want more details? Check out this video with Jenn + Dimity.


Jennifer has 24 years of  experience working with athletes in all sports and of all ages. She thrives on helping athletes achieve their goals!

Jennifer also has a myriad of consulting experience from corporate wellness to clinical hospital settings to community fitness centers. What’s more, she sits on the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) dietitian registry and is an adjunct Professor of Sports Nutrition at Columbia University, her Alma Mater.

Jennifer’s background is unique in that she was a youth athlete (swimmer and softball player) turned adult athlete (runner, open water swimmer and triathlete) who married an athlete (runner and triathlete) and is now the mother of four athletes (swimmers, hockey players, and lacrosse players). She’s also a multiple Ironman Finisher and multiple marathon finisher, including the Boston Marathon.

In Many Nutritious Miles, each month has a different focus; topics span the bridge between lifestyle and sports nutrition, and include fats, carbs, supplements, hydration + electrolytes, among others.

The monthly materials give an overview of the basics, and apply the topic to active women (in all phases of life) when appropriate. The written materials are accompanied by an explanatory video from Jenn.

Every month, we also have a live Q + A with Jenn to go over the topic and answer individual questions. We put out a call for questions in advance and record the session, so if you are unable to make the live session, you will still have your question answered and can watch the replay at your convenience.

All of these materials live in your account all year long, so you can access them at any point.

Registration for Many Nutritious Miles opens near the beginning of December 2022, and closes for the year on January 15, 2023. It is a 12-month program, so we’ll open registration again in December 2023.

Yes. The monthly materials will offer a variety of choices to fit all styles of eating. If you have additional questions, you can ask them during the monthly live Q + A.

Great question. In a sentence, Many Nutritious Miles is a surface exploration in monthly bites while Ellie’s programs are a concentrated deep-dive over two months.

Here’s a chart that lays out details of the variety of programs:

Yep! New and renewing members for Many Happy Miles get a 20% discount on Many Nutritious Miles. You’ll see that offered at the bottom of the registration pages: new members + renewing members.

Remember, registration for both programs closes on January 15!

If you’re not a Facebooker, no problem. You’ll still have all the essentials of the program: the monthly materials and the Live Monthly Q + A, which is held over Zoom.

Nope. It’s just a year-long program, although if it goes well, you never know: Many Nutritious Miles 2 might be in the future!

No, we are unable to offer refunds at any point during the year.

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