final finish line

Have you had to—or are you contemplating—giving up running because of injury and/or chronic pain? The Final Finish Line, a special four-part series, will be cathartic and helpful as you figure out your next steps.

In episode #1, Dimity talks to Stacy Bruce, an Austin-based athlete who, “came out of the womb as an athlete,” and ran her first marathon in 1997.  Her 27+ year running career in running has taken her across the finish line in Boston multiple times, up and down Pikes Peak 10 times, and along the way, has defined her social life and self-identity. Her (complicated) lower back has finally waved the white flag, and she is in the process, at age 51, of retiring from running.

The two talk about:

  • Stacy’s shifting to trail runs to see if that would ease the impact on her body;
  • How Stacy still stays super active at the track practice she coaches;
  • Where Stacy wants to put her athletic energy next;
  • And why Stacy is waffling about giving up her 2-mile runs.

Find Dimity’s series for Women’s Running and other not-running-anymore resources here.

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